County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

The draft policy regarding "Development of County Owned Structures Not Requiring a Permit" was tabled to the Policy Committee at the April Meeting.  It was discussed by the policy committee and the planning department has reviewed it.  Attached is a copy of the policy. 


Approval of this policy will also determine if Council will proceed with 3rd reading of Bylaw No. 1567 (next item on the agenda).

At the April meeting, Council gave 2nd reading to Bylaw No. 1567 with third reading to be considered after the Policy on Development of County Owned Structures Not Requiring a Permit is passed.

At the April meeting, Council made a motion to table a decision on the Elk Point/St. Paul Regional Water Commission to the May Council Meeting and in the interim meet with John Van Doesburg, C & J Vanco Services and Robert Jenkins, consultant.

Following the information meeting with John Van Doesburg and Robert Jenkins regarding the  formation of a Regional Water Commission, Council to decide if they want to proceed with becoming a member of the commission or if they want to wait until we have some concrete numbers from the Engineers.

At the April Meeting, Council tabled the request from the Government of Alberta to close undeveloped road Plan 2457EU located at/near the Frog Lake Historic Site in LSD 15-10-56-3-W4 until administration has the chance to view the area proposed to be closed.


At the March 29th Public Works Meeting, Council authorized administration to proceed with the proposed road closure.  We now require a formal motion from Council to proceed with the road closure.

At the April meeting, Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 1573, which is a bylaw to allow the lease and amend the use of Lot 28ER, Block 2, Plan 8023220 at Upper Mann Lake.

The Bylaw was advertised however it was advertised as Bylaw No. "1572" instead of Bylaw No. "1573".  All the other information in the advertisement was correct, however Municipal Affairs is advising that the Bylaw be readvertised. 

Brad Shapka has an appointment with Council to request permission from Council to build a road to their lease land on County property.

Bev Chomlak and Vivian Austin, on behalf of the St. Paul Auxiliary Hospital and Extendicare Handivan Association have an appointment to present their funding request to assist with the annual operating costs of their Handivan.  This handivan provides transportation services to the residents of the J.P. Decosse Auxiliary Hospital and the St. Paul Extendicare.

They have attached a breakdown of their travel costs for the period of April, 2009 to June 2010.

At the April Meeting, Council gave 1st reading to Bylaw No. 1572, a bylaw to Amend the Intermunicipal Development Plan as it relates to rezoning PSE 17-58-9-W4 from Urban Reserve to Country Residential. 

The Bylaw has been advertised and the adjacent Landowners have been notified.

The Public Auction of Land is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. today.

Prior to the Public Action, we require a motion from Council to go in camera to discuss land issues related to the public auction. 

Following discussions on reserve bids, we will require a motion from Council to set the reserve bids and to appoint an auctioneer for the Public Auction.

Section 418 of the M.G.A. requires Council to offer for sale at a public auction any parcel of land shown on its tax arrears list if the tax arrears are not paid. 

ARMAA Executive Meetings have been scheduled for May 12th and May 13th.

PPP Canada is offering an introductory workshop to help build an understanding of the P3 model and its value on May 26, 2011 in Edmonton. 

The objectives of the workshop are to provide an introduction to PPP Canada and to work with stakeholders in Alberta to determine how P3s can help address infrastructure needs in the province, and to identify potential types of projects that could be developed as P3s, related structuring options, and actionable next steps.

The Government of Alberta is modernizing the Alberta Emergency Public Warning Systems (EPWS) and will be offering training sessions throughout the province.

Mallaig School Senior High Boys qualified to attend the Provincial Team Handball tournament in Red Deer from April 28 to 20, 2011.  They are requesting a grant to help offset some of the travel costs.

The St. Paul Regional High School Badminton Team qualified to attend the Provincial tournament in Strathmore on May 6 & 7.  They are requesting a grant to help offset some of the travel costs. 

The Elk Point Canada Day Committee started planning activities for their annual Canada Day Celebrations.  They are looking for financial support for the celebrations which they are estimating will cost $8,400. 


For the past 2 years, Council approved a $400 grant for the celebrations.

The Northern Lights Library System will be hosting their 19th Annual Conference from September 15 to 17, 2011.   They are requesting donations for the conference in the form of cash or donations.

In the past, Council donated an item to be used as a door prize for this conference.

Ruth Stone would like to rent the Whitney Lake Stampede Grounds located in NE 9-56-9-W4 from June 30 to July 4, 2011 for a family reunion.


Mrs. Stone has indicated that she will provide proof of the necessary insurance for the weekend.

The Lakelander's Trailer Clubs is requesting to enter into another short term access agreement for the 2011 camping season, under the same terms and conditions as last year's agreement .  The agreement would allow access to their leased land for the summer of 2011 while they are constructing their own road.  The group has been informed by Wally Peters, Public Lands, that the Province of Alberta will allow the club to construct the road.  They hope to have the road completed by the end of the summer.

A copy of the Agreement for the 2010 camping season is attached.

Following Council's meeting to review the Utilities Bylaw and current water rates, changes were made to the bylaw.  The significant change which was added into the bylaw deals with charges for new service connections. 


All of the recommended changes are shown in red.

Jim and Irene Christensen are building a home on Block F, Plan 6728ET, 3106 Park Avenue in the hamlet of Mallaig.  They are requesting permission to trench water and sewer services to their property.

We received a quote of $21,162 from St. Paul Glass to replace all three doors at the office, however the budgeted amount was $20,000.  Because the quote is over budget, we would like a motion from Council to authorize the additional expenditure of $1,162.

Dennis Bergheim will attend the Council meeting to discuss this item.


At the February meeting, Council made a motion to table this Agreement until after the Transfer Station Committee Meeting.


Further to this transfer station meeting held April 13, 2011 we need to add a statement to the Transfer Station Agreement that would state "a daily tracking record would be kept by the town of St. Paul for residents that use the transfer station"  This statement appears in red on the Agreement.


The following is the usage for the month of March:

Transfer station:

Town    Residents-308-----59 %

County  Residents-228-----41%



 Town    Residents  466-------64%

County  Residents  262-------36%


Dennis Bergheim has requested an update for the Month of April.  If he receives a reply, he will present the numbers to Council at the meeting.  

Attached is a letter from Kevin Roth expressing his interest in projects and developments within the County.  Mr. Roth's original request was to purchase land from the County. 


Dennis Bergheim will be present to provide additional information on Mr. Roth's request.

The Mallaig Fire Department has now retired a 1984 Ford ambulance and the Mallaig Museum is requesting that it be donated to the museum to become part of their history collection along with the water truck that was approved at the April Meeting.  This truck is currently not being used.

Attached is the Airport Agreement with the Town of Elk Point as discussed by the Airport Committee.

Attached is the Oiling and Dust Controls for the 2011 Construction Season as discussed by Council at the April Public Works Meeting.

At the April meeting, Council authorized the Public Works Department to run an advertisement in the St. Paul Journal and the Elk Point Review for the sale of equipment.  The equipment has been advertised the the public works department has sealed bids which will be opened in the presence of Council.

Listed below are the easements that were not available for approval at the April Council Meeting when the other easements were approved for the 2011 road construction season. 

These easements are for road construction purposes.  Backsloping and County to fence or pay compensation for fencing.

Project 1C111, Rg Rd 43 from Twp Rd 570 to Twp Rd 574 - 4 Miles 

NE 33-56-4-W4       Peter Wynn Whitfield

SE 04-57-04-W4     Peter Wynn Whitfield

Listed below are road construction easements to purchase the property required to correctly register existing roads.  This is part of the ongoing project which Council was informed about at the April Council meeting.

SE 4-57-5-W4 Eldon Cameron
NW 4-57-5-W4 Marcella L. Laine
SW 5-57-5-W4 Kevin & Deborah Lawrence
NW 5-57-5-W4 Kevin & Deborah Lawrence
NE 5-27-5-W4 Frederick & Janet Lawrence
SE 5-57-5-W4 John Hardy Lawrence

We have received a request to build approximately 300-400 feet of road to serve as an access to SW 36-57-8-W4 where the landowner will be building a new home.

Councillor Martin and Leo deMoissac have went out to look at the site.

The Policy committee met on April 14.  Attached is an updated copy of the Cell Phone Policy.  The changes are noted in red.

The Tangible Capital Assets (TCA) policy is being presented to Council for review.

We have received a rebate of $13,199.07 from WCB for our successful participation in the Partners In Injury Reduction Program during 2010.   


At the March Council Meeting , Robert Tomlinson was admitted to the Council Room at 10:31 a.m. to present a list of concerns he has regarding the destruction of documents, retirement of Mr. Bergheim, buring permits, unanswered concerns, level 4 transfer stations, bin sites notification and the Foisy Community Waste Facility. 


After Mr. Tomlinson presented his concerns to Council he requested that Council address them and that his letter be filed with the minutes as part of the public record.


At 10:40 a.m., Mr. Tomlinson returned to the gallery as an observer. 

Councillor Fodness made a motion to include Robert Tomlinson's presentation with the March minutes as part of the public record. 

Councillor Fodness is requesting that Council consider providing Mr. Tomlinson a written response to his concerns.

Council to discuss whether or not they want to hold an AGM or Open House.

Items to be presented at the Council Meeting.

Council paysheets for the Month of April will be circulated for Council to review.

The following lists of Accounts Payable for the month of April, 2011 are being presented to Council:

Batch Cheque Nos. Batch Amount
 15138  12030-12066 $   788,230.76
 15154  12067-12109 $   229,982.55
15166 12110-12173 $1,116,613.07
15190 12174-12246 $   651,019.38