County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

Following the Public Hearing at the August Meeting, Council tabled second reading of Bylaw No. 1576 until the map was amended by removing the Residential Conservation Area.


A copy of the updated Garner Lake Area Structure Plan is attached.

At the August meeting, Council tabled the contract with Helen Chapdelaine/Westcove Kennels which expired on August 31, 2011.  Council requested if Helen would allow her name to appear on the County website so people could contact her on a weekend if they need a dog picked up. 


We contacted Helen, and she advised that she used to pick up dogs, but in September, 2008 she requested that her contract change.  She is not interested in picking up dogs again.

Golnaz Azim and Mike Trickey with Urban Systems have an appointment with Council to discuss the Infrastructure Project and the Water Policies.

At the August Meeting, Council gave 1st reading to Bylaw No. 1582, which is a bylaw to rezone PNW 32-56-10-W4 from Urban Expansion to Agricultural.


Bylaw No. 1582 was advertised in the St. Paul Journal the weeks of August 23rd and 30th and the adjacent landowners were notified.

At the August Meeting, Council gave 1st reading to Bylaw No. 1583, which is a bylaw to rezone PNW 32-56-10-W4 (.7 acres) from Urban Expansion to General Urban.


Bylaw No. 1583 was advertised in the St. Paul Journal the weeks of August 23rd and 30th and the adjacent landowners were notified.

Further to the August Public Works Meeting, Lot 4, Block 3, Plan 8121916 at Laurier Lake was advertised for sale in the August 30, 2011 edition of the St. Paul Journal.


The sealed tenders will be opened in the presence of Council at 11:30 a.m.

The following courses are being offered through the Elected Officials Education Program:

1.  Municipal Governance - Sept. 19 & 20 in Olds - $580

2.  Effective Planning and Strategy - Sept. 27 in Calgary - $340


Councillor Dach has expressed interest in attending these courses.

The tax department will be hosting a Tax Clerk Seminar on October 7th.  Invitations to the seminar were sent to Municipalities North of Red Deer.

Bryan Bespalko's Auditor Certification expired May 27, 2011 and he was granted an extension to renew.  The next Auditor Recertification course will be held on October 12 in Sherwood Park.

EDA's Economic Development for Elected Official's course will be held in Killam on October 25th.  Registration is $325. 


At the April 12th Council meeting, a motion was made to approve any Councillors who wish to attend - the course was originally offfered in Lac La Biche on May 3rd. 


October 25th is the regularly scheduled Public Works Meeting.



The NADC is holding the 4th Annual Rural Alberta Community Physician Attraction and Retention Conference on October 27 & 28, 2011 in Edmonton.  


The conference is geared to Community leaders, Attraction and Retention Committee members, organizations and individuals who are involved with, or want to connect and learn more about collaboratively, attracting and retaining physicians in rural Alberta communities.  Conference registration is $250 which includes 2 nights accommodations.


  Agenda is attached.

The 3rd Annual Retrofitting & Planning Sustainable Suburbs Summit, is being held on November 8th & 9th, 2011 in Toronto.  The agenda can be viewed at

Topics include:

Retrofitting suburbs through strategic densification
Zoning reform to create more livable suburbs
Integrating land-use and transportation planning
Improving mobility and accessibility for an aging population


Councillor Dach has expressed interest in attending this conference.

Alberta Environment will be available to meet with municipalities on November 22 and 23 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during the AAMD&C Fall Convention.

Alberta Municipal Affairs is hosting a series of workshops through the Let's Resolve Training Program.  Information on the workshops is attached.

The 2012 FCM Conference will be held June 1-4, 2012 in Saskatoon and Councillor Dach has expressed interest in attending.


If this conference is approved, we can watch to see when the rooms become available and book them early so Council can stay close to the TCU Conference Centre.  However, if rooms are reserved now, one night stay will be immediately charged and becomes non-refundable.

St. Paul Regional High School is requesting financial assistance to assist with the cost of hosting the ASAA 2011 High School girls Volleyball provincial Championship from November 24 to 26.


They are also requesting the Reeve or designate to attend the opening ceremonies a give a short welcoming speech.

Envision Edmonton is a group working to keep the City Centre Airport open and they are embarking on an awareness campaign beginning the first week of September.  They will be holding Town Hall meetings and inviting local citizens to participate.


They are requesting a financial contribution of one dollar ($1.00) per resident to help cover advertising costs, travel, accommodation and meal expenses incurred throughout the campaign. 

Further to the discussions at the August Public Works Meeting, we require a motion from Council to approve the purchase of a 7 ft x 14 ft Heavy Duty Hydraulic Dump Trailer.

Further to the August Public Works Meeting, we require a motion from Council to approve the purchase of the D3K from Finning.

Attached is a letter from Barry Kubinchak, owner of Lots 1 & 2, Plan 701HW, requesting to be connected to the County sewer system.  He has had issues with flooding on his property for the past 5 years.  He has been advised that his drainage should have been dug deeper and filled with more drainage material.


Also attached are the specs for a grinder pump station.  The quote for the grinder pump is approximately $26,000.

Further to the August Public works meeting, we have received a letter from local residents who are requesting permission from the Town of St. Paul to hook up to the town water line that is presently being installed to the Xtreme Shop on 57th Street.  If the Town approves their request, they are requesting the County's permission to bury the water line within the road allowance.

Councillor Corbiere received a request to bring in some spruce trees by the Cemetery west of Mallaig where the County did some landscaping earlier this spring.  He would like to move in some spruce trees approximately 8 feet high.  The cost to move these trees in with a tree planter will be approximately $2600.00.  If approved these trees can be moved before the end of September. 

Attached is a copy of the updated Business Plan.


Council to consider the following motions which are required for the Commission Application.

Further to the presentation by Urban Systems earlier today, the public consultation portion of the water policy project can be covered under the water for life grant. Therefore we need a scope change for the Ashmont Lottie Lake project to include the public consultation as well as the laboratory testing. 


Following the presentation by Urban Systems, they have provided a quote for developing a water policy for $74,000, $38,500 of which will be paid in 2011 with the remaining $35,500 being paid in 2012 ..  .  Ur

John Van Doesburg has offered to do the project for $50,0000.

The expense for this was not considered in the budget process for 2011, however Council can approve the expenditure by resolution.  As indicated at the meeting with both Urban Systems and John Van Doesburg in August, the water policy is going to be important as we move towards the finalization of the Ashmont/Lottie Lake project.  This should be completed in the Spring of 2012.

Both approaches to doing this project have been attached for Council's review.

Roy and Janet Cousineau are applying for a licence to occupy the undeveloped road allowance situated between SW 14 and NW 11-59-10-W4, Range Road 102, for the sole purpose of stopping traffic from entering their yard.  The adjacent landowners have signed the consent form.


The County, under Section 18 of the M.G.A. has the direction, control and management of all roads within the municipality.  Under Section 16 of the Highway Traffic Act, a municipality may grant a licence for the use of a road allowance.


After first reading the Bylaw must be advertised.


Easements for road construction purposes.  Backsloping and County to fence or pay compensation for fencing.

Bridge File 762889

SW 30-59-10-W4 Kate Morusyk, Joan Miller & Marion Cyr
SW 30-59-10-W4 Kate Morusyk, Joan Miller & Marion Cyr
NW 30-59-10-W4 Kate Morusyk, Joan Miller & Marion Cyr
NE 30-59-10-W4 Dean Hedrick & Keith Hedrick
NE 30-59-19-W4 Dean Hedrick & Keith Hedrick


Project 3C114, West of NW 25-57-8-W4          

NW 25-57-8-W4 Patrice & Denise Robinson
PSW 36-57-8-W4 Matthew Robinson & Sabrina Lilje 


Item to be presented at the Meeting.

Item to be presented at the Meeting.


Thank you from the Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist Northern Valley for the donation of $1,000 for their 100th Anniversary Celebration.

The following reports were presented by Council:

- Fire Committee (Covered in CAO Report)

- Safer Communities Task Force - M. Fodness

- Rural Crime Watch - D. Dach - Updated Council on the progress of Rural Crime Watch in the Elk Point Area.

- Library (Covered in CAO Report)

- Senior Housing - D. Dach

- Wellness Centre - Moved to in Camera

- Evergreen Commission - G. Ockerman

- Sept. 16 @ 1:00 p.m. - Regional Water Meeting in Elk Point

- Sept. 23 @ 10:00 a.m. - Zone Meeting in Lac La Biche

- Sept. 27 @ 10:00 a.m. - Public Works

The following lists of Accounts Payable for the Month of September, 2011 will be presented to Council:

Batch Cheque Nos. Batch Amount
15440 12833-12950 $767,849.52
15455 12951 $1,884.96
15456 12952 $12,187.14
15459 12953-13003 $575,407.03