County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In Camera items to be presented at the meeting.

In Camera

Urban Systems will be in to discuss alignment options for the water line from Ashmont to Mallaig. 

Carmen & Denis Gouin, owners of Lot 13, Block 1, Plan 8121812 at Lac Sante, will be in to request permission to build a retaining wall to stop erosion around their sidewalk and deck.  The retaining wall would encroach on the Environmental Reserve adjacent to their property.

Leo VanBrabant, CEO with MCSNet, will be in to request a variance on the tower setback from 9 meters as stipulated in the Land Use Bylaw to 1 meter from the north property line at Lot 37, Block 1, Plan 7622036.  The reason he is requesting the variance is because it is the only location on the property that can accommodate the tower.  The new tower is an Engineered CSA type tower, the existing tower is not. 

Charlotte Hedin, Penny Fox and Linda Sallstrom, with the Canada 150 Steering Committee, will be in to discuss the events being planned for St. Paul and area to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary.  They will also be requesting funding.    

The proposed breakdown for the allocation of the 2016 Recreational Facilities Grants is attached.  The grant amounts are the same as they have been in the past based on the MSI funding.

In January 2016 the County did some blading on Lot 1, Plan 8722874.  The original invoice was $180.  With penalties, the outstanding amount is now $191.04. The owner of the property is now deceased.  We are unable to add fees for blading to property taxes therefore this invoice is uncollectible.

Policy HR-8 is being presented to Council to amend the standards for the County of St. Paul's employee and councillor attendance at conferences and other professional development courses. This Policy was brought before the Policy Committee on October 25th, 2016. 

Policy HR-20 is being presented to Council to amend maternity leave standards. This Policy was brought before the Policy Committee on October 25th, 2016. 

Policy HR-30 is being presented to Council to amend the standards for statutory holidays. This Policy was brought before the Policy Committee on October 25th, 2016. 

Policy ADM-107 is being presented to Council to establish standards for the writing off on uncollectible penalties for accounts receivable. This Policy was brought before the Policy Committee on October 25, 2016.

Policy ADM-118 is being presented to Council to establish requirements for local organizations submitting funding requests to the County. This Policy was brought before the Policy Committee on October 25, 2016. 

Policy ADM-120, the Land Leases Policy, is being introduced to Council to establish standards for the leasing of County-owned land. This Policy was brought before the Policy Committee on October 25, 2016.

The Parks Policy REC-121 is being introduced to establish rules and regulations for the County's four park facilities. This Policy was brought before the Parks Committee on October 25, 2016. 

Bylaw 2016-17, the Dog Control Bylaw, is being introduced to establish regulations for the control of dogs in the County. This Bylaw was brought before the Policy Committee on October 25th, 2016. 

The Northern Lights Library is holding a one day in-service on November 19, with one training stream catered to board members and another catered to Library Managers and Staff.  RSVP is required by November 14th and there is no registration fee.


Councillor Fodness has requested to attend the In-service Training along with Councillors Amyotte and Dach.

As per Section 205.1 of the Municipal Government Act, Council must provide the Chief Administrative Officer with an annual written performance evaluation.

Further to Policy HR-30, Statutory and Other Declared Holidays, the County will provide employees with a minimum of four consecutive days off in December including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and two floater days.  The exact dates of this period will be determined annually by Council Resolution.


Administration is recommneding to designate December 24th to 28th as Christmas holidays for 2016. 

As a result of the September 7 Public Meeting at the Lac Bellevue Hall to discuss Underutilization of Fish Stocks in NE Alberta, a Team is being formed to meet with Premier Notley and Minister Shannon Phillips to discuss the findings from that meeting (see attached).  Ray Makowecki who was the moderator of the meeting, is leading a Team proposed to be made up of Mayors/Reeves from the County of St. Paul, Athabasca County, MD of Bonnyville, Lac La Biche County and City of Cold Lake as well as members of the public.  Reeve Upham has been requested to become part of this team. 

The old Ashmont ambulance is currently sitting at the County Shop and not being used.  The Ag Service Board is requesting to use it for dog control.  It will require minimal repairs.   

We have provided the St. Paul Ag Society with a six yard bin on a weekly dumping schedule since 2006.  There is no agreement/resolution approving the bin to be there free of charge.  This is a situation where the bin was placed at the Ag Barn on a temporary basis, and the service just continued.    Administration discovered it when they were doing an inventory of their bins and double checking agreements.


Policy PW-87 states that Applicants must be a County resident or company that is utilizing the bin at a location in the County of St. Paul.  Some exceptions shall be made of businesses that are affiliated with the County of St. Paul such as the MD Foundation, or special events in the Towns of St. Paul and Elk Point put on by non-profit groups.  Any other exceptions must be requested in writing and approved by resolution of County Council.


The St. Paul Ag Society is requesting to continue to keep the bin free of charge.  A six yard bin with weekly pickup service is $102.60 per month ($1,231.20 per year). 


A similar situation to this is the St. Paul Legion.  The County provided a 4 yard lockable bin on a monthly pick up schedule for 1/2 price ($37.80 per month instead of $75.60).

Mallaig Minor Hockey is submitting a bid to host the Peewee D Provincial Championship in March 2017.  They requested a letter of support to accompany their bid application.

The Payroll Services Agreement with Mallaig Minor Hockey for the Arena Caretaker positions is being presented for renewal.  The caretakers are seasonal County employees.

At the October Meeting, Council passed a motion to continue with the recyclilng program at the Elk Point Transfer Station with Quik Pick Waste Disposal after the January 31, 2017 project is completed, at an annual fee of $4,218.24, to be shared with the Town of Elk Point. 


The Town has now provided a draft agreement between the Town, County and Quik Pick.  The agreement is for a three year term from February 1, 2017 to February 1, 2020.  Does Council want to enter into an agreement for a three year term?  The agreement has a one month termination or amendment clause.

Attached is a Lease agreement between the Minister of Transportation, Town of Elk Point and County of St. Paul to jointly operate the Municipal Airport located on SE 1 & 2-57-6-W4.  This is a 10 year agreement.  The Town of Elk Point has already approved the lease agreement.

At the County Public Works meeting on March 22, 2016, County Council passed the following resolution in anticipation of such requests:

Any Smoky Lake County residents who are adjacent to the water line and want to connect to the County of St. Paul’s water transmission line which is located in Smoky Lake County, will be allowed to connect providing they receive prior consent from Smoky Lake County.

The MGA requires that the County of St. Paul obtain consent from Smoky Lake County to service their residents.  

The County of Smoky Lake passed a motion at their August 9th Council meeting for Roy and Marie Mulkay and Charlene Skoeoch to receive water services from the County of St. Paul, at no cost to the County of Smoky Lake.

Subsequently, County administration, Smoky Lake County administration, and the Hwy 28/63 Commission entered into negotiations to amend the Water Supply Agreement previously passed by all parties to facilitate the provision of water services to the Mulkay and Skoeoch residences as per their individual requests.  

The amended version of the Water Supply Agreement is attached. 

The Agreement was passed as amended by the Hwy 28/63 Water Commission meeting on November 2, 2016 and Smoky Lake County will consider the agreement at their December Council meeting. 

Council has been provided with a copy of the St. Paul North Joint Area Structure Plan.  Does Council have any comments?  Are there any changes to be made?  Are we ready to meet with the Town of St. Paul?

As part of the Alberta Jobs Plan, the Alberta government has allocated $30 million over 2 years to promote long-term economic growth and prosperity in Alberta’s communities and regions through the new Community and Regional Economic Support (CARES) program.

The CARES program will run from 2016 to 2018 and fund initiatives that create a measurable impact and align with one or more of the following program outcomes:

  • improving local business environment and/or regional economic collaboration
  • increasing support for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow and succeed
  • enhancing support for businesses and industries that provide diversification to a community or a region
  • increasing investment that drives high-value job creation

Grant funding that can be applied for under this program will be made available through two streams:

  • the community economic development stream
  • the regional economic development stream

Projects eligible for funding under the community economic development stream are those that build local capacity and strengthen local approaches to improve economic conditions. These projects generally benefit residents of one community or municipality. Funding for community initiatives will begin at $10,000, up to 50% of the project’s value.

Projects eligible for funding under the regional economic development stream are those that reflect a collaborative approach between communities and supportive partners to achieve a positive regional impact beyond an individual community or organization based on a shared economic vision for the future. Funding for regional initiatives will begin at $25,000, up to 50% of the project’s value.

This grant program requires matching funds from municipalities. The grant applications are due on November 30th, 2016.  

Councillor L. Amyotte will speak to this item

Boscombe Multi Club is requesting the use of the old Mallaig Fire Hall from November 12, 2016 to June 30, 2017 for their small engines project.  They have 4 members in this project and they meet twice a month usually on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.  They will be supervised by the Project Leader and parents. 

the Town of Elk Point Council passed a motion to split the cost of the gift for the Former Elk Point Fire Chief.   

The Mallaig Ag Society received an $8,071.87 grant through the Agricultural Initiatives Program.  The total cost of the project is $16,143.75.  They are requesting the County to fund 50% of the unfunded portion being $4,035.93.

The Alberta Community Partnership Grants have been announced for the 2016-2017 intake. The Intermunicipal Collaboration (IC) component is the stream where municipalities collaborate to carry out initiatives. IC applications are due by December 16, 2016.

  • IC project ranking criteria have been updated to ensure that projects that directly produce frameworks for regional approaches to service delivery, such as shared service agreements or intermunicipal development plans, under core service categories receive the highest priority for grant funds.
  • The IC project maximum is $200,000.
  • Projects related to implementing regional services including facility construction, equipment purchases, pilots, training, and system upgrades are no longer eligible under the IC component.
  • The IC application limit is one application per managing partner. Municipalities can participate as a project participant in more than one application.

CAOs from the Town of St. Paul, the County, the Town of Elk Point and Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay have had preliminary discussions regarding potential applications and are recommending the following projects and partnerships:

- Recreational Servicing Study (Town of St. Paul lead; County, Elk Point, SV of Horseshoe Bay partners)

- Rural IDPs (County lead, MD Bonnyville, Smoky Lake County, Lac La Biche County, County of Vermilion River, and County of Two Hills as partners) ** This is subject to approval by these neighbouring municipalities. Administration has contacted CAOs of all five neighbours to gauge interest. 

- Urban IDPs (Summer Village lead, County, Town of Elk Point, and Town of St. Paul as partners)

- Street Lighting Retrofit Feasibility Study (Elk Point lead, County, Town of St. Paul, SV of Horseshoe Bay as partners)

Administration is currently seeking quotes for the projects listed above.  Administration is looking for motions to submit an ACP application for these four projects subject to resolutions being passed by all partnering municipalities. 

The St. Paul Fire Department will be hosting a CFCW Critters hockey game on December 1st to raise funds for rescue equipment.  The Fire Department is requesting the Town and County Councils to consider providing the after game meal for the players which will cost approximately $250 per municipality. 



A listing of Accounts Payable will be provided for Council's review.

Council fees for the past month will be circulated for review. 

A copy of the budget to actual will be presented to Council for review.