County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

The regular meeting of the Council of the County of St. Paul No. 19 was called to order by Deputy Reeve Cliff Martin at 10:05 a.m., Tuesday, September 9, 2016 at the County Office in St. Paul, there being present the following:

Councillor Glen OckermanDivision 1
Councillor Dwight DachDivision 2
Councillor Cliff MartinDivision 3
Councillor Maxine FodnessDivision 4
Councillor Frank SloanDivision 5
Councillor Laurent AmyotteDivision 6
Sheila KitzCAO
Tim MahdiukAssistant CAO
Phyllis CorbiereExecutive Assistant
Leo deMoissacPublic Works Superintendent
Kyle AttanasioDir. Leg. & Comm Services
Bryan BespalkoPublic Works Supervisor
Janice HuserSt. Paul Journal
Reeve Steve Upham 


Mark Chileen, the new Director of Public Works was introduced to Council.   

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1001

    to approve minutes of the August 9, 2016 Council Meeting with the following correction:


    • Resolution CM20160809.1010 - Recorded Vote In Favour - Add Councillor Maxine Fodness
  • Resolution #CM20160913.1002

    to approve minutes of the Special Council Meeting dated August 23, 2016 as presented.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1003

    to adopt the Bank Reconciliation for the month ending August 31, 2016.


The following additions were made to the agenda:

8.18   Request to Subdivide 20.41 acres in NE 18-58-10-W4

8.19   Funding Request - Special Olympics Slo Pitch Tournament

8.20   Request for Letter of Support - St. Lina Ag Society

8.21   Lottie Lake Community Association - Request for Grader to Level Area for Ice Surface

8.22   Roof Repair for Old Mallaig Fire Hall

8.23   Climate Change Workshop

8.24   Mallaig Legion, Request for Gravel

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1004

    to adopt the agenda for the Regular Meeting of Council for September 13, 2016 with the above noted additions.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1005

    to go in camera as per section 17 of the FOIP Act.  Time:  10:16 a.m.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1006

    that Council return to an open meeting at 11:00 a.m.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1007

    to approve the use of a roll off bin for the owner of Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 0324280, outside of Policy ADM-70.



  • Resolution #CM20160913.1008

    to give second reading to Bylaw No. 2016-15, Licence Agreement for road allowance located between SW 7-58-10-W4 and SE 12-58-11-W4.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1009

    to give third reading to Bylaw No. 2016-15.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1010

    to approve Councillor D. Dach to attend the Travel Alberta Industry Conference from October 23-25, 2016 in Banff.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1011

    to approve a $200 donation for the Elk Point Grandparent Day Celebration.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1012

    to donate $100 to the Town and Country Ladies Funspiel which will be held November 19, 2016 in St. Paul.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1013

    to table the request from the Elk Point Regional Allied Arts Society for funding to change the interior and exterior lighting to LED lighting and in the interim administration will look into the availability of grants for this project.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1014

    to file the letter from STARS thanking Council for their grant in the amount of $2.00 per capita.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1015

    to file the letter from the Elk Point Fire Department appointing Jonny Kadutski as Deputy Fire Chief and Jordan Cousins as Assistant Deputy Fire Chief for the Elk Point Fire Department, until the end of 2016.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1016

    that administration negotiate with Urban Systems regarding a proposal for engineering design for the Mallaig Water Line project.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1017

    to approve the request from the Riverland Recreational Trail Society to rebuild the trail surface to the northeast of the existing trail and into the siding land that Muni Corr owns and to request to purchase from Muni Corr 1.58 acres for the construction of the road, providing the trail can be moved at the same time as road construction.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1018

    to file the Sieve Analysis Report provided by AMEC Foster Wheeler for the Richland Road Crushing contract. 

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1019

    to approve the purchase of the Automatic Setting Regulation (ASRi) Computer for the genset at an approximate cost of $58,250.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1020

    to deny the request from the Lac Sante residents for the County to install a 16-20 foot pole so the residents can install a camera to monitor the area.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1021

    to approve a scope change for $97,196.80 for additional engineering on the Northern Valley Road from Range Road 51 to Range Road 44.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1022

    to remove Crystal St. Arnault as Development Authority for the County of St. Paul, effective September 13, 2016, due to a change in job duties.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1023

    to appoint Chelsey Thoben as Development Authority for the County of St. Paul, effective September 13, 2016.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1024

    to enter into the encroachment agreement for Lot 9, Block 4, Plan 1521299 as provided by the landowners, subject to review by the County's lawyers, at the landowners expense. 

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1025

    that the landowners of Lot 7, Block 3, Plan 8121812 comply with Section 8.4(4)(e) of Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50 and that administration ensures the bylaw is being followed.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1026

    to uphold Section 8.4(4)(e) of Land Use Bylaw 2013-05 and support administration's order to remove the recreational vehicles in excess of two.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1027

    to uphold Section 8.4(4)(e) of the Land Use Bylaw 2013-05 and support the order issued to remove the recreational vehicles in excess of 2.  Motion rescinded by motion CM20161011.1007

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1028

    motion that administration draft an amendment to Land Use Bylaw 2013-50 for a notwithstanding clause to allow a 20.41 acre subdivision, so the landower can meet the sewer requirements. 

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1029

    to approve a $500 donation for the Special Olympics Slo Pitch Tournament.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1030

    to approve a letter of support for the St. Lina Ag Society to accompany their CFEP grant application for funding for renovations and to provide 25% of the cost of the project, if they are successful with their grant application.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1031

    that the Public Works Department level an area for an outdoor skating rink for the Lottie Lake Community Association.


Councillor L. Amyotte left the Council Room at 12:00 p.m. as his brother-in-law is the contractor who provided the quote to repair the roof. 

Councillor Amyotte returned to Council Room at 12:02 p.m.



  • Resolution #CM20160913.1032

    to hire Woodchuk Contracting to replace the roof on the old Mallaig Fire Hall, at a cost of $16,147, which includes plywood under the metal roofing.


  • Resolution #CM20160913.1033

    to approve Councillor D. Dach and Kyle Attanasio to attend the Climate Change Workshop in Edmonton on Wednesday, Sept. 14th and Kyle Attanasio and Councillor M. Fodness to attend on Thursday, Sept. 15th.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1034

    to donate 40 yards of gravel to the Mallaig Legion for their parking lot to be delivered prior to November 11, 2016.



  • Resolution #CM20160913.1035

    to file the CAO report as presented.


Councillor G. Ockerman left the Council Room at 12:28 p.m.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1036

    to approve the budget to actual as of August 31, 2016.

  • Resolution #CM20160913.1037

    to approve the Council Fees for the Month of August, 2016 as circulated.



  • Resolution #CM20160913.1038

    to table the Listing of Accounts Payable for the month of August to the next Council Meeting, as the listing was not available.


Business on the agenda being concluded, Chairman C. Martin adjourned the meeting.  Time:  12:30 p.m.


These minutes approved this 11th day of October, 2016.



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Reeve                                                       Chief Administrative Officer