County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In Camera Item to be presented at the meeting. 

At the June Meeting, Council tabled the request from the Ashmont Legion for funding to assist with renovations to their hall, and requested that they provide quotes.  The Ashmont Legion has provided quotes for the projects that have to be done right away (the kitchen must be repaired after they talked to the Health inspector).  They have other work that they want to do in the future (replacing siding), but they have not priced out those projects yet.  They plan to do those when they can afford to.  They have also applied for a matching grant, however they are still waiting to hear if they were successful.

ProVision RenovationsWashroom Upgrades$14,520.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsProject 1 - Main Hall & Stage Area$  7,325.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsProject 2 - Repair Old Bar Area$  3,195.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsPro. 3 - Left Hallway, Drop Ceiling, Kitchen$  4,466.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsProject 4 - Front Entry & New Flooring$  1,230.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsProject 5 - Upgrade Front Porch$  3,225.00
Evergreen StationersChairs - 120 $ $85$10,200.00
Vern's StuccoBoarding & Reparging$  2,700.00
GJC Interior FinishingPrime & Paint$  9,912.00
 Total Project            $56,773.00

At the June Council Meeting, Council made a motion that administration refer the policy regarding brushing on MR to the ratepayer who is requesting access to Vincent Lake.  After the Council meeting, administration determined that the area where the landowner wanted a path is not MR, but is a road allowance.  Therefore, we will require a motion to rescind that motion.


How does Council want to proceed?  Do we clear a path on the road allowance? Do we want to provide approval for the area residents to hand clear a path?  Administration would recommend that the area be surveyed prior to any brushing or clearing of trees by any party.  We estimate that the survey cost would be $1,000 - $2,000. 

Wendy Fallon, Stewardship Officer with the STARS Foundation will be in to speak with Council about who they are, what they do and their funding requirements. 


She will also be requesting that the County consider joining other Alberta Municipalities in partnership with a Pledge of support at $2 per capita annually.

Joanne Paradis and Paul Gour will be in to speak with Council regarding a portion of the wrap around deck and steps on their cottage at Lot 7, Block 1, Plan 8020711 at Lac Sante which are encroaching on the Environmental Reserve by up to 3.01 meters.  The cottage was built in 1988 and there have been no improvements since that time, other than replacing the original shingles.  Lamoureux Culham Law Office, on behalf of the owners have submitted a letter to Planning and Development requesting to enter into an encroachment agreement to allow the deck to remain for the remainder of its life. 


A copy of Bylaw No. 2015-23, Regulation of Municipal Land and Reserves, is also attached.

The Town of St. Paul passed a motion to support the BMX Skatepark initiative in the amount of $30,000 from the 2017 budget and they have agreed to co-apply on the Canada 150 Western Diversification Fund grant.


Daniel Reid is now requesting if the County would also commit funds from next year's budget.  If so, he feels they may be able to double the amount they receive from the Western Economic Diversification grant.  Daniel spoke with the grant officer and he is willing to accept additional funding confirmations to increase their allowable maximum grant. 

The St. Paul Soccer Association will be hosting the U12 and U14 Boys and Girls, Tier 4 Provincial Tournament from July 8-10.  In order to qualify to attend Tier 4 Provincial Tournaments, teams must either win Lakeland Cup (the tournament at the end of their league season) or host the provincial tournament. 

  • The U12 Boys, U14 Girls and U14 Boys will participate in the tournament as hosts.
  • The U12 Girls won Lakeland Cup to qualify to attend. 

The U16 Boys won Lakeland Cup and will attend Provincials in Camrose the weekend of July 8-10.

The St. Paul Soccer Association is requesting funding to help offset the costs of hosting/attending provincial tournaments for the 5 teams.

As per Policy ADM-51 $1,000 is allotted to teams for hosting a Provincial Tournament and $500 to attend a provincial tournament. 

The Northeast Alberta Track & Field Club (NEAT) is organizing their  Annual St. Paul Rodeo Road Race to take place on September 3, 2016 before the parade.  It is a sanctioned race that draws competitors from across the province.  They are requesting sponsorship for their race.  Gold and silver sponsors will be acknowledged on the race t-shirt and will also be announced at the race finish line.  They levels of sponsorship are as follows:

-  $1,000 - Gold Sponsor

-  $500 - Silver Sponsor

-  $100 - Bronze Sponsor

This request has been before Council in the past, and has been denied.

Attached is a request from the U14D PeeWee Girls Softball team who will be attending Provincials in Elk Point on July 23-24.  They are requesting funding to help cover expenses for new wind breakers, embroidery, water and gatorade for the tournament. 


Girl's Softball Teams apply to attend provincials and will only play off if more than one team per zone applies to attend the provincial tournament.


This request is being presented to Council as it does not fall within the scope of policy ADM-51.

The St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association is requesting a grant from the County to assist with their property taxes.  The 2016 property taxes are $18,202.83.


Since 2012 Council approved a $5,000 grant to assist with operating expenses.

The owner of the Mann Lakes Golf Course is requesting an operating grant of $3,841.88 to help offset the 2016 property taxes.


Since 2009, Council approved a grant to offset the property taxes and Mr. McDonald was advised that his request would be reviewed on an annual basis.

At the June Council Meeting, Council heard from a landowner who received notification that he was in contravention of the County's Land Use Bylaw, and was told to remove his animals from his property.  After hearing from the delegation, Council made a motion to amend Land Use Bylaw No. 2015-30 to allow the landowner to continue operating in the capacity that he is currently operating.

The proposed amendment to Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50 is as follows:

7.18  Keeping of Animals

  1. The following table applies to all parcels within the Agricultural District which are less than 20 acres of land on which livestock are kept:

    Figure 3 – Animal Units Allowed Per 4 Acres

Animal Type

Animal Units

Animal Type

Animal Units

Cows (including calves)




Horses (including foals)








a.  For animal types with sub-species characterized as “miniature”, an animal unit is based on 1,000 lb live weight of the main animal type.

b.  Notwithstanding 7.18(1) above, no animals other than domestic pets and a maximum of 6 laying hens shall be kept on parcels less than one half (0.5) acre in size.

c.  Notwithstanding 7.18(1) above, no limit shall be placed on the animal units on Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 0124546 contained within NE 3-58-11-W4M.

At the May 24 Public Works Meeting, Council approved a request from a ratepayer to install white speed limit signs to slow traffic by the curves in SE 2-59-10-W4 and SW 1-59-10-W4 along Twp Rd 590.


Item 3.4 in Bylaw No. 2016-14 describes that section of road.

  • No person shall operate a vehicle at a greater rate of speed than sixty kilometres per hour (60 km/hr) on Township Road 590, beginning 400 metres east of Range Road 101, going west for a total distance of 900 metres.

The 2016 Strategic Plan which has been updated for the 2nd quarter is attached.

Goal 2, Administration, in the 2016 Strategic Plan is to make application to participate in the Internship Program offered through Municipal Affairs.  The deadline for applications is September.  Does Council still want to apply for an administrative intern? 

Emilia Yaremko, on behalf of the descendents of the late Nick Linkiewich, is requesting to name Township Road 563A west from Highway 881, Linkiewicz Road.  In 1915, Nick Linkiewich homesteaded on NE 21-56-9-W4.  His siblings also purchased homesteads in that area, all of which are currently owned by Nick Linkiewich's descendents.


Mrs. Yaremko has been informed that if her request is approved, she will be responsible to pay the full cost of the signs.

The owners of Lots 17 and 18, Block 1, Plan 8020711 are requesting a street light in front of Lot 18 on the existing power pole.  They have signatures from the adjacent lot owners who support the installation of the street light.

County Pins/Promotional Items - The County of St. Paul, on request may provide County Pins and/or Promotional items to individuals, teams and various organizations, at the discretion of Administration. 


Attached is a list of the donations that were distributed during the first half of the 2016 calendar year as per policy.  Items donated outside of policy and approved by Council are not included on the list.