County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

Further to the presentation at the September Council meeting, Rachynski Land Surveys is requesting to cancel the road allowance located between SE 21 and SW 22-58-11-W4 so it can be consolidated with the property to create a parcel large enough for the landowners to build a house with a pump out.  This will be done at no cost to the County. 


After first reading, a public hearing will be held and then the bylaw must be approved by the Minister of Transportation before being presented for second and third reading.


Section 24 of the MGA allows Council to close a road described in a surveyed road plan when it is no longer required for use by the travelling public owing to the existence of an alternate route.


Trevor Kotowich, St. Paul Fire Chief, will be in to speak with Council about year-round burning permits.  Attached is a letter from all the fire departments (Trevor will bring a signed copy of the letter for the meeting) requesting that Council consider going to year-round burning permits in an attempt to decrease the number of false alarms that the fire departments respond to between November 1st and February 28th.  Statistics show that false alarms are significantly lower during the "permit" season over the "non permit" season.


When fire permits are issued, the permit holder contacts the Dispatch to inform them of their intent to light the fire.  Then, if the dispatch receives a call about smoke coming from an area where a permit has been issued, they call the holder to ensure everything is under control before they send out the fire department.  During the months when fire permits are not issued, the fire departments are dispatched out to these types of calls. 


If Council decides to go to year round fire permits, we will require a bylaw to rescind Bylaw No. 1478.


Dennis Bergheim will be in the meeting during this presentation.


Bellamy Software, the County's software provider, is holding a Utility Boot Camp from October 23 to 25, 2013 in Edmonton. 

Bellamy Software will be hosting their annual Forum on November 27 and 28, 2013 in Edmonton.  Registration for the forum is $600.

The 2013 RUSA Conference will be held December 3-5, 2013 in Red Deer.  This conference is included in the policy for Councillors wanting to attend.

Reeve Upham attended Community Working Group Committee meetings on September 16, 18, 23 and 30.  The purpose of the Committee is to prepare a grant application for a Family Care Clinic Proposal. 

The 2013 Strategic Plan which has been updated for the 3rd quarter is attached.

As the Municipal Election is approaching on October 21, 2013 and it is apparent that the County will have at least one new representative on Council, Administration is requesting that we organize a Council Orientation to allow Council time to reflect on their roles and responsibilities as County Councillors and to interact with new member(s) of Council as we move into the next term of office.  Lois Byers from Smiling LB Consultants has provided a quote of $903.00 to provide this orientation.  She provided the orientation in 2010 after the last election. 

Allan and Susan Cunningham are applying for a licence agreement for the undeveloped road allowance situated between SE 28-57-6-W4 and NE 21-57-6-W4 for agricultural purposes.  They own the property on both sides of the road.


The County, under Section 18 of the M.G.A. has the direction, control and management of all roads within the municipality.  Under Section 16 of the Highway Traffic Act, a municipality may grant a licence for the use of a road allowance.


After first reading the Bylaw must be advertised.


In February, Bylaw No. 2013-01 was passed to rezone PSE 25-57-7-W4 (rectangualr shape) from Agricultural to Industrial/Commercial.  The applicant rezoned the property in order to build a shop; however it was not wide enough for a pump out.  Therefore, the owner has now submitted another application to rezone a larger lot (square) at the same location as the original lot.  In order to do this, we must first rescind Bylaw No. 2013-01 which will revert the zoning back to Agricultural.  We can then proceed with a new bylaw. 


Motion to give first reading to Bylaw No. 2013-40 to rescind Bylaw No. 2013-01.


Because the bylaw No. 2013-01 required a public hearing to rezone the property, the same process must be followed to rescind the bylaw.  After first reading, the Bylaw must be advertised according to Section 606 of the M.G.A. and a public hearing held according to section 230 of the M.G.A.


At the September Public Works Meeting Council discussed paving of internal roads in all new subdivisions.  Planning and Development is suggesting that the following wording be added to the Development Agreement to address paving in new subdivision for the interim until the Engineering standards are completed, "All multi-lot residential subdivision developments (as defined in the Municipal Development Plan Bylaw No 2013-10) that are serviced by an internal road will require pavement (hot mix)”. 


At the Ag Service Board Meeting, Council was presented with a request from Haying in the 30s for 60 yards of gravel stockpiled to be used to set up a building that they are bringing in.


The 6th Annual Fall Classic Farmer's Spiel will be held October 31, November 1 & 2.  They are requesting cash to help cover expenses or items to be used as door prizes.  Registration for the spiel was $160.

In 2013 the Ferguson Flats Association requested that the County of St. Paul designate Fern Chapel as a municipal historic site under the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program.  Their membership is getting older and the group wants to know that the the building will be protected for future generations.


We have been in contact with Michael Tommy with Municipal Heritage Services about the process to designate a site under the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program.  The first step is to develop a Statement of Significance (sos) which explains what is being protected, why it is valued and it lists the physical, character defining elements that must be preserved for it to retain significance. 


We have also contacted Melinda Conley with Community Design Strategies Inc. to prepare a Statement of Significance and she quoted $2,230.  The Ferguson Flats Association does not have enough money to pay for the SOS and are requesting that the County pay for it.  When developing the SOS, Community Design Strategies Inc. will work with the members of the Ferguson Flats Association to collect their information.


Attached is a Memorandum of Agreement for Services with Community Design Strategies Inc. which outlines their work plan to develop the SOS. 

Kyle Attanasio has been employed with the County as our Municipal Intern for the period of May 2013 to April 2014.  Municipal Affairs has provided funding for this position of $43,000 for the first year of this internship.  The County's contribution for the position in the first year is $37,200.  Under this program, Municipal Affairs will fund a second year for the intern at a reduced rate of $19,000.  Therefore the County will have a larger contribution in order to keep the position for an additional year, however the main advantage is that he has been with the organization for one year and this will be a great asset as we move into the second year of the internship.  Additional municipal costs for the position into the second year are estimated at approximately $20,000.  There is no competition for the $19,000, we simply forward a letter requesting the funding.  Also, in the second year, there are no workshops for interns or supervisors.  It will end with the wrap up sessions in March for the interns and wrap up for supervisors in April. 


Kyle has expressed interest to the CAO that he is interested in extending the internship for an additional year.

Council met for a Workshop on October 4, 2013 with Urban System to review their analysis of water servicing options for Ashmont/Lottie Lake.  This analysis looked at three different options for water supply to Ashmont and Lottie Lake. 

Historically the project started with the Water Study that was completed in 2009 by Associated Engineering.  Based on the information in that Study a Water For Life Grant Application was submitted to Alberta Transportation to take the approval for the Lottie Lake WTP Upgrade (under the Water/Wastewater Program) and roll it into an upgraded Ashmont Water Treatment Plant and Water Transmission Line to Lottie Lake.  This Water For Life Grant was approved in 2010 and the Transmission line was constructed in 2012 followed by the detailed design and tendering of the Ashmont Water Treatment Plant. 

When the Province announced in their 2013/14 Budget that there was a reduction to the Water For Life Funding, the approved project was put in jeopardy.  It was then realized that the original grant application sent in by the Consultants was for a stand alone plant rather than a Regional Water Treatment Plant that would service other communities.  The County was told that in order to complete the project that was approved, they would have to borrow funds that may be covered by the Province at a later unconfirmed date.  In addition the tender came in higher than expected leaving the County with a shortfall of funding in excess of $2 Million. 

Council felt at this point, that there were several other projects in the area that were not expected to proceed as quickly as they had, so this would be a good time to step back and review options for water supply to Ashmont. This review was supported by Alberta Transportation's Water for Life Specialist Mike Yakemchuk.  As a result, Urban Systems provided a  multiple account evaluation of three different options that looked at Capital Costs and Financial Considerations, Environmental Considerations, Governance, Grant Availability, Risk Considerations, Contractibility, and Future Expansions.  The options examined included a connection to the water line at Spedden - which is from the Hwy 28/63 Water Commission; connection to the potable water network at the Town of St. Paul (provided that they are approved for an upgrade to their Water Treatment Plant); or the building of the Regional Water Treatment Plant in Ashmont. 

Council's main priority was to choose the option that would provide the lowest costs of water to the residents of Ashmont and Lottie Lake.  Based on the analysis provided, Council determined that the option to pursue a connect from the Town of St. Paul's potable water network to Ashmont was in the best interest of the County.


In the Hamlet of Mallaig we have a waste water lift station adjacent to the Mallaig School yard.  This lift station currently is equipped with a flashing light should it malfunction or go down.  On July 27, the lift station went down due to a power interruption.  Although the flashing light was working, Utility staff were not made aware that the lift station was not working.  As a result, a waste water backup occurred for residents of 3713 Railway Avenue.  According to these residents they have had waste water back up into their home on at least 4 occasions in the last 8 years.  As such, they are requesting that the County consider reimbursing them for the cost of their insurance deductible - in the amount of $1,000. 


In order to reduce the likelihood of this type of situation occurring in the future, a new alarm system has been ordered for the lift station that would involve a call out to utility operators cell phones if the lift station malfunctions.  This system will be installed prior to the end of the year. Additionally, utility staff have indicated that it would be prudent to have a back flow preventing valve installed at the resident's home protecting them from this type of occurrence again.  We have received a quote for the installation of this type of valve to be put into the home - the estimate is approximately $700.  Utility staff have indicated that the County has previously assisted a resident with the installation this type of valve in order to prevent this type of incident.






Thank you letters from - Ashmont Ag Society, - Girl Guides, - MD of Bonnyville,