County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

Information to be provided at the Meeting. 

At the July 27 Public Works Meeitng, Council discussed the gazebo in the Hamlet of Ashmont which is situated on the County's siding lands and had been looked after by a group of volunteers from the community, which now consists of only two members.  The gazebo has been vandalized and is in need of repair.  At that meeting, Council made a motion that administration send letters to the Ashmont Legion and Ashmont Ag Society requesting if they would be interested in maintaining the structure after it is repaired and/or provide supervision going forward.  The letters were mailed out with a deadline of September 7, 2018 to reply. 


The Ashmont Legion has replied and are able to assist with community awareness to prevent further vandalism to the facility and will encourage the Ashmont Ag Society and local Fire Department volunteers to have additional eyes and ears to prevent reoccurrence of the negative activities.  The Legion cannot provide any financial support and does not have capacity to provide manpower for ongoing maintenance but may be able to provide manpower through work bees.  


We have contacted the Ashmont Ag Society.  They will give us a verbal response before the meeting on Friday.  

The 25 year lease agreement with the Mallaig Chamber of Commerce for Lot 1MR, Block 7, Plan 0928675 in SE 25-60-10-W4 (Museum property) expired on May 1, 2018.  The agreement was with the Chamber of Commerce as the Mallaig and District Museum Society was not established until 1995.  A new 25 year lease is being presented to Council for approval under the name of the Mallaig and District Museum Society.

Caroline Adamczuk-Sech and Grace Adamczuk, own Lots 12 and 13, Block 2, Plan 7922083 in NE 25-59-10-W4 at Vincent Lake.  They received a notice to remove the residence, shower, 2 sheds, outhouse, lumber shed and wood shed from the Municipal Reserve.  They will be it to meet with Council to explan and plead their case requesting an alternative plan to allow them to keep the residence with attached outdoor/covered kitchen and shower in their existing place - paying extra taxes, renting the land from the Municipal Reserve or coming up with another course of action.

Shayne Saskiw and Jenelle Saskiw will be presenting to Council about what Alberta Counsel does and how it works with its municipal clients providing both legal and government relations services, as the client needs.  

At the August 14 Meeting, Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 2018-15, which is a bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50, to address the regulation of cannabis.


Bylaw No. 2018-15 was advertised in the St. Paul Journal and Elk Point Review on September 4 and September 11, and Planning and Development has not received any response to the advertisements. 

Anton Bester with Urban Systems will provide Council with an update on the water transmission line project.

Information to be provided to Council at the meeting.  

The Certificate in Municipal Management and Leadership program offered by the Alberta School of Business - Executive Education at the University of Alberta develops municipal leaders by increasing their capacity to lead people, teams, departments and organizations.  This program is suited for managers who lead one or more teams, groups, or department and would like to further develop effective management and leadership skills in a municipal setting.  I am requesting that Council consider Kyle Attanasio, Director of Corporate Services, to participate in the program.  She has shown great leadership and management skills and it is my opinion that this program would assist her in developing those skills to a new level.  I also see this as a good fit into Council's goal of succession planning. 

The program consists of fivemodules occurring over the course of 11 months.  The next intake of the program commences in October 2018 - May 2019.  The program fee is $6,100.  This is for the program, however there would be additional costs for subsistence when Kyle would be attending.  I estimate those costs to be $4,500.  Total cost to county approximately $10,500.

I myself have taken the program and would highly recommend it for up and coming managers.  I realize that it is an expensive program, but would propose that if Kyle is granted the opportunity to participate in this program that we make the offer subject to him staying in the County's employ for an additional 1 - 2 years following completion of the program, otherwise a portion of the program would have to be reimbursed.  

The Alberta Municipal Clerks Association is hosting a SDAB Training for Clerks on October 19 in Nisku.  Registration for the training is $100.  Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer will facilitate a full-day training session that covers:

  • Alberta Planning Framework
  • Subdivision and Development in Alberta
  • Establishment and Composition of SDABs
  • Guiding Principles
  • Types of Appeals
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Appeal Procedures
  • Assessment of Learning

Krystle Fedoretz and Kaitlyn Kenney have requested to attend this one day training.

The Elk Point Grandparent Celebration Committee held their Annual Grandparent's Day Walk on September 9, 2018.  Residents in Elk Point and the County of St. Paul collected pledges to raise money for the Heritage Lodge Auxiliary for operational costs of the Handi-Van Bus and for activities for seniors residing in Heritage Lodge, Buckingham House and Fort George Manor.  


Last year funds were used to purchase a new recumbent exercise bike, funding for free transportation for residents to appointments and outings, and various other activities.


The Committee is requesting a donation to assist with their celebration.  The County has provided a $200 donation for the Grandparent's Day walk since 2012.

The Elk Point Lions are hosting their annual Night Golf fundraiser at the Elk Point Golf Course on September 22nd.  Registration is $60 per person.  Golfers will play 9 holes during the day and 9 holes at night.  They are asking if the County will participate in the event by sponsoring a team.  They are also requesting a door prize. 

Devon Canada Corporation will be developing a pad site on at 16P-35-57-7-W4.  The Land Agent is requesting consent to have signs indicating "No Devon Traffic" be placed on Range Road 71 south of the Township Road 580 intersection to assist with traffic control.  They are requesting this consent for a 5 year term.  

Based on direction from the August Public Works Meeting in response to a request to move a second dwelling onto a 5 acre parcel located at Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 1024694 in NE 1-58-9-W4 to accommodate her aging parents, Bylaw 2018-17 is being presented to Council for first reading.  Bylaw 2018-17 is an amendment to Land Use Bylaw 2013-50 to include a notwithstanding clause under Section 7.22 to address the request, as follows:

7.22   Number of Dwelling Units on a Lot

(3)  Notwithstanding the above, two dwelling units shall be permitted on Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 1024694 contained within NE 1-58-9-W4.  


After first reading, the Bylaw must be advertised according to Section 606 of the M.G.A. and a public hearing held according to section 230 of the M.G.A.  The adjacent landowners will also be notified.

The owner of Lot 87, Block 2, Plan 7722896 at Floatingstone is requesting a permit to remove trees and even out the ground surface by adding gravel at the back of their lot 87 and behind lot 88, to join an existing access on the MR, providing them with a better access to the lake.  They are also requesting that the permit fees be waived.


Attached is information from Reserve Lands Policy DEV-93 and the Land Use Bylaw as it relates to Municipal Reserves.


As this subdivision was registered in 1977, the reserve lands are not given a designation (environmental reserve or municipal reserve). The lands in question would be designated as a municipal reserve in accordance with current standards.


The fee for development of Municipal Reserve greater than 5 metres is $100.




A copy of the budget to actual will be presented to Council for review.

A listing of Accounts Payable will be provided for Council's review.

Council fees for the past month will be circulated for review.