County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

At the December Meeting, Council made a motion to approve the purchase of three motor graders and a rock truck to be funded from the 2012 budget.


Public works will provide Council with quotes at the meeting.

At the December meeting, Council made a motion to allow Frog Lake Minor Sports to use the Whitney Lake ball diamonds from May 15 to September 30, 2012 providing they agree to enter into an agreement with the County with conditions for use of the property.


A copy of the agreement is attached.

After the December Council meeting, we contacted the Kennedy's who leased 18 acres in Lot 1ER, Plan 8022307 to inform them that a bylaw had to be advertised before we could enter into a lease agreement for the property, so we would be running an ad in the local newspaper.  When we contacted Ms. Kennedy, she advised that they no longer wish to lease the property.  Therefore, we did not run the ad as we will not be proceeding with Bylaw No. 1590.


We will provide Council with a bylaw to rescind Bylaw No. 1590 so that it does not sit incomplete in our records.

The County has participated in several meetings with the County of Vermilion River, MD of Bonnyville, and the County of Two Hills in regards to strategies around road infrastructure affected by Heavy Oil operations.  The County of Vermilion River is interested in proceeding with this project.  They would like an indication from our County if we are still interested in participating in this, or if we prefer to deal with the Oil Companies in our municipality on our own.  If we are interested they will set up a meeting to discuss our progress to date.

The following land leases are being presented for renewal for the year 2012:

SE 4-56-3-W4 James Boyd
PNW 34-56-5-W4 Lionel Romanchuk
Lot A, Plan 7620846 in PNW 20-56-10-W4 St. Paul Grazing Reserve Assn.
PNE 6-60-10-W4 Don Imeson
NE 4-62-12-W4 William & Edward Zapisocki


Section 61 of the M.G.A. allows a municipality to grant rights with respect to its property.

The final update for the 2011 Strategic Plan will be circulated to Council for review.

The 2012 Strategic Plan, as updated after the Planning Retreat on December 5 & 6 is being presented for Council approval.  Following approval of this plan, administration can proceed with the 2012 budget process.

Further to the January 5th Salary Negotiations meeting, we require a motion from Council to approve the recommendations of the Salary Negotiations Committee.

The St. Paul and District Farmerettes will be holding their 50th Annual Bonspiel on January 21, 2012.  They are requesting a donation for their bonspiel. 


Since 2009, Council approved a $100 donation for the bonspiel.

The St. Paul Pee Wee A Canadians Hockey team won the Winter Games zone playoffs earning them a spot to participate in the Alberta Winter Games tournament from February 9-12, 2012 in Spruce Grove, Stony Plan and Parkland County.  They are requesting a donation to help offset the costs of participating in the Alberta Winter Games.


A copy of the County policy is attached.

AEMA Emergency Management will be hosting a Disaster Social Services Training Sessions on March 27 & 28, 2012 in Lloydminster.

The Cemetery Committee has received a request from the St. Paul Diocese to assume ownership of the Starosielski Cemetery located on SE 18-60-11-W4 and the Heinsburg Cemetery located at NW 22-55-4-W4.  Both cemeteries are currently inactive.  


The Cemetery Committee is recommending that the County take ownership of the Cemeteries and register it with land titles.


A copy of the letter from the Diocese is attached along with the minutes from the Cemetery Committee.

Canadian Training Resources is offering a 1 day Professional Minute Taking seminar on February 2, 2012 in Edmonton.  Registration is $399 per person, but if we register 3 or more we receive a discounted rate.  Dorothy Appleton, with Evergreen, would like to attend and we can register her under the County.

The County has received a request from Mr. Leonard Durocher to purchase Lot #116 Pt NE-20-61-10-W4 located in St. Lina.  He has made an offer of $1,000 for the property.  A review of the tax file indicates that this property has gone up for tax sale in 2001.  The County did not take title to the property at the time and it did not sell.  This is a property that the County could take title to and then in turn sell.  The assessed value of the property is currently $2,090.00 and outstanding taxes are $507.04.  It should also be noted that Council sold this property in the 1990's for $100.00 to the current owner on title that then allowed it to go into arrears.

 The requestor has indicated that he wishes to build a permanent residence on the property.  There is some indication that this property may be contaminated. In the past when Council considered the sale of land that potentially had contaminated soil, they had the purchaser sign an agreement that would not hold the County liable for any environmental liability due to contaminated soil.  We could ask that they sign a such an agreement.

A picture of the property in question along with the request is attached.

The St. Paul Junior curling Association is requesting assistance for their Annual Bonspiel.  In the past Council has contributed______.

The County has received a notification of membership (due) from the Veteran's Memorial Highway Association for 2011/2012.  The dues requested are $0.10/capita.  In reviewing payment to this organization, we discovered that there was a payment of $0.04/capita for the 2009/2010 year - this was paid in January 2010.  We did not make any payments to this organization in the 2011 calendar year.  

The County has also received an invitation to attend the Regional Meeting on February 10, 2012 in Lac La Biche.  The purpose of the meeting is to gather information from the members of their issues or concerns regarding Highway 36. (information attached)

Council to decide if they wish to participate as a member of this organization for the 2011/2012 year.  If Council wishes to participate, then they will need to designate a Council member (and possibly an alternate) to attend this meeting on behalf of the County of St. Paul.

Residents/Customers are billed for services received from the County through our Accounts Receivable process.  A Customer will receive a letter if an invoice remains unpaid for 60 days.  This letter indicates that this is final notice and that further non-payment will result in a suspension of services to that customer.  If the invoice is still unpaid following 90 days, a letter indicating that services will be suspended is issued to the customer.

Unpaid invoices at 180 days are sent to a collection agency.  The collection agency will collect what they can for a fee of 35% of the invoice amount.  Unfortunately not all invoices can be collected.  Attached you will find a list of uncollected invoices that we are asking Council to allow Administration to write-off (those invoices that are 2009 or earlier).  Please note that those individuals that would have their invoices/penalties written off, will remain on the suspended services list.

The write-off amounts will be expensed in the 2011 fiscal year.  The amount of the expense equals $4,253.13.  (note that Council approved the write-off of $3,953.28 in 2010).  If required, the Council has an allowance for doubtful accounts in the amount of $16,611.99 that could be used to fund this write-off.