County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

The 501st meeting of the Council of the County of St. Paul No. 19 was called to order by Reeve Steve Upham at 10:10 a.m., Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at the County Office in St. Paul, there being present the following:

Reeve Steve Upham  
Councillor Glen Ockerman Division 1
Councillor Dwight Dach Division 2
Councillor Cliff Martin Division 3
Councillor Maxine Fodness Division 4
Councillor Frank Sloan Division 5
Councillor Alphonse Corbiere Division 6
Sheila Kitz CAO
Tim Mahdiuk Assistant CAO
Phyllis Corbiere Executive Assistant
Leo deMoissac Public Works Superintendent
Ciaran Thompson St. Paul Journal


  • Resolution #CM20120110.1001

    to approve the minutes of the December 13, 2011 Council Meeting with the following amendments:

    Resolution CM20111213.1039 - insert Ministry of Human Services formerly known as

    Resolution CM20111213.1056 - replace $12,500 with $25,000

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1003

    to adopt the Bank Reconciliation for the month of November, 2011.




The following additions were made to the agenda:

- Mutual Fire Aid Agreement - County of Vermilion River

- Request for Funding - Rhinos Club Volleyball

- Scope Change - Ashmont Water Treatment Plant

- Policy - Guarantee for Grader Operators

- NADC - Leading the North Conference

- St. Lina 100 Year Anniversary - July 8th 

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1002

    to adopt the agenda for the Regular Meeting of Council for January 10, 2012 with the above noted additions.


Council was presented with the following quotes for Motor Graders:

$439,000 x 3 graders $1,317,000
Minus one dozer         24,500
Plus Joystick         27,000
     Total $1,319,500
Less Trades $175,000 x 3       525,000
     Cash Difference $    794,500
$455,000 x 3 graders $1,365,600
Plus two dozers         57,860
     Total $1,423,460
Less Trades $210,000 x 3       630,000
     Cash Difference $    793,400



Council was then presented with the following quotes for the purchase of a Rock Truck:

VOLVO $402,800
  355HP Tier IV Engine ($10,000 value)
  7 years 6000 hours full warranty
  Front Spill Plate
CAT $394,500
  325 HP Tier 3 Engine
  5 year 7500 hours full warranty
JOHN DEER $420,000
  285 HP
  5 year 5000 hours full warranty


  • Resolution #CM20120110.1004

    to approve the purchase of 3 Cat motor graders from Finning Co. Ltd. for a cash difference of $793,400.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1005

    to approve the purchase of a Volvo rock truck for $402,800 from Strongco Equipment.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1006

    to approve the agreement with the Frog Lake Minor Sports Association to use the Whitney Lake ball diamonds for the period of May 15 to September 30, 2012.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1007

    to table Bylaw No. 1590 to the February Meeting.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1008

    that the County of St. Paul will not join the County of Vermilion River, MD of Bonnyville and the County of Two Hills to collectively negotiate with oil companies on road infrastructure affected by heavy oil operations.  The County will continue to negotiate with the oil companies on their own.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1009

    to approve the following land leases for 2012:

    SE 4-56-3-W4 James Boyd
    PNW 34-56-5-W4 Lionel Romanchuk
    Lot A, Plan 7620846 in PNW 20-56-10-W4 St. Paul Grazing Reserve Assn.
    PNE 6-60-10-W4 Don Imeson
    NE 4-62-12-W4 William & Edward Zapisocki


  • Resolution #CM20120110.1010

    to approve the final update to the 2011 Strategic Plan.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1011

    to approve the 2012 Strategic Plan as presented.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1012

    to approve the 2012 salary grid adjustments and changes in employee positions as discussed at the Salary Negotiations meeting, effective January 1, 2012.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1013

    to approve a 3% cost of living adjustment for all County employees effective January 1, 2012 as well as a $400 health spending account for all employees and Council Members who are eligible for benefits.  The health spending account to be prorated for seasonal employees.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1014

    to approve a 13.6% increase (which includes the 3% COLA) for the Chief Administrative Officer Position, effective January 1, 2012, in order to adjust the salary for that position to fall within the average salary range as reported on the 2011 AAMD&C Salary Survey.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1015

    to approve a $100 donation for the St. Paul Farmerettes Annual Bonspiel to be held on January 21, 2012. 

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1016

    to approve a $500 donation for the St. Paul Pee Wee A Canadiens Hockey Team to offset the costs of attending the Alberta Winter Games from February 9-12, 2012 as per County Policy ADM-51.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1017

    to approve Janice Fodchuk to attend the Disaster Social Services Training Sessions on March 27 and 28, 2012 in Lloydminster.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1018

    that the County take title to the Starosielski Cemetery located on SE 18-60-11-W4 and the Heinsburg Cemetery located at NW 22-55-4-W4 as per the recommendations of the Cemetery Committee.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1019

    to authorize Phyllis Corbiere and Betty Way to attend the one-day Professional Minute Taking Seminar on February 2, 2012 in Edmonton.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1020

    to table the offer to purchase Lot 116 in PNE 20-61-10-W4  for further information regarding other options that may be available for the purchaser.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1021

    that Council approve a $300 contribution for the St. Paul Junior Curling Association for their bonspiel on January 29, 2012.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1022

    that the County become a member of the Veteran's Memorial Highway Association and appoint Councillor Sloan as a member to the committee with Councillor Fodness as alternate.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1023

    that Council approve the write-off for accounts receivable invoices dating back to 2009 and totaling $4,253.13 including penalties, which  the collection agency has been unsuccessful in collecting on behalf of the County.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1025

    to approve the Mutual Fire Aid Agreement with the County of Vermilion River effective November 30, 2011, which formalizes the rights and obligations for the supply of fire suppression services between the neighboring municipalities.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1024

    that the County make a $250 donation to the U16 and a $250 donation to the U18 Rhinos Club Volleyball teams to offset the costs of attending Provincials in Edmonton on May 5 & 6, 2012. 

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1026

    to approve the Scope Change for bromate formation testing for the Ashmont Water Treatment Plant which will cost an additional $3,000

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1027

    to approve Policy Per-74, Guaranteed Wage for Grader Operators.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1028

    to authorize Reeve Upham to attend the Leading the North Conference in Fort McMurray from January 25-27, 2012.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1029

    to table the request for funding for St. Lina's 100th Anniversary Celebration to the next meeting, pending clarification on County policy.





CAO Sheila Kitz, read her report aloud to Council.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1030

    to adopt the CAO report as read.


None to report

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1031

    to accept the Joint Health & Safety Minutes for the months of September and November as information.


None to report.

None to report.

  • Resolution #CM20120110.1032

    to accept the budget to actual for the period ending December 31, 2011 prior to year end entries, as information.


Business on the agenda being concluded, Chairman S. Upham adjourned the meeting.  Time:  11:34 a.m.


These minutes approved this 14th day of February, 2011. 



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Reeve                                                   Chief Administrative Officer