County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In Camera items to be presented at the meeting. 

In Camera

CAO Report to be presented at the meeting.

At the May Council Meeting, Council gave first reading to Bylaw 2018-09, to loan $55,000 to the St. Paul Quarterback Club to be repaid in 11 equal payments of $5000 on or before May 1 of each year. 


Following the meeting, prior to advertising for the Public Hearing, we came across Community Organizations Grants and Loans Policy, which states that the County shall not provide a loan for a period exceeding 10 years.  We contacted the St. Paul Quarterback Club about the policy and they have agreed that they have the capacity to increase their annual payments to $5500 per year for the 10 year term.  


Bylaw 2018-09 was then advertised in the St. Paul Journal and Elk Point Review the weeks of May 29 and June 5 as per section 606 of the MGA and the Public Hearing was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. as per section 230 of the MGA.

Representatives from Guardian Chemicals will be in to speak with Council about a road surfacing product - Road Teck.

Linda Sallstrom, Executive Director with the St. Paul and District Chamber of Commerce will be in to speak with Council about their grant submission for a Labour Market Study.  The Study is for our region, including the Town of St. Paul, County of St. Paul, Mallaig, Elk Point and Saddle Lake.  While the objectives of the draft proposal align with the Alberta Labour Business Plan, the objective of the Chamber is to gain a better understanding of what is currently taking place in our community (what industries make up our community) to better prepare our communities for future growth and align organizations to identify opportunities.  The proposed study also aligns with and supports the work the County and Town are undertaking with the CARES grant.  It further supports the work being done by Alberta HUB on a regional level and would assist Portage and Blue Quills, to be responsive in program development.


A requirement of the LMP granting process is partnership and support, both in kind and financial.  Linda will be requesting a funding and partnership support for the project.

Tanya Fontaine Porozni, Program Co-ordinator with the St. Paul Community Learning Association, will speak about their funding which the Province has directed towards eliminating barriers to education and employment and encouraged partnerships with other organizations.  The St. Paul CLA has formed a partnership with the Kinokamas Healing Ride with the intent to address trauma and healing; to build confidence and relationships so those involved can share in a positive experience that will contribute to the long-term health of their community.  The ride will take place on Wednesday, June 20th and will being at Kehewin and end at Blue Quills.  


Tanya will provide more inforamtion on the ride and invite Council members and County residents to participate. 

In August, 2016 Council made a motion to enter into an Encroachment Agreement with the owners of Lot 15, Block 5, Plan 4223MC to accommodate their boathouse which is encroaching on the ER on the north side of their property and the shed encroaching on the road (south side), and that the landowner will be responsible to pay all applicable costs.


The property has been sold and the new owners are requesting to transfer the existing Encroachment Agreement into their name.  

The Lac Bellevue Lot Owners Association is requesting if the sign at the entrance of the Lac Bellevue Subdivision can be updated with their Rural Address numbers.  


Last week, a lot owner in a Vincent Lake Subdivision also inquired why their sign does not include the Rural Address numbers.    


We have a quote from ATS Traffic Alberta for 8 x 8 plywood signs - $541.18 per sign.  Administration is looking into how many signs there throughout the County and will provide that information to Council at the meeting.  

We have received a request from the owners of E 1/2 19-61-9-W4 for compensation for flooding on their property that resulted from the County blowing a beaver dam on the NE 18-61-99-W4.  Keith Kornelson met with landowner and drove around to look at this field.  The water had all dried up but it was easy to see how it could have caused him problems.  Keith has now made arrangements to call him or one of his sons the next time we blow this dam so it should not cause problems again.  The only times we cannot blow it would be when they are seeding and when they are harvesting the crop.  The water from the dam blast flows through their quarters in about 1-2 days and then the land dries up.  In this case had we waited 1 day it would have caused no issues.  In other years we blasted this dam earlier so it never caused him any problems and we have never called before blowing the dam.  

Aline Drive Water Service Ltd, owners of Lot 6, Block 3, Plan 0021847, is requesting that the 2018 municipal portion of the property taxes be cancelled on the lot that has their dugout and small shed with equipment to pump water to 3 lots in the subdivision.  The property taxes are paid by the lot owners who are connected to the water service.  Their current taxes are $417.23, $249.31 of which is the municipal portion. 


Section 347 of the M.G.A. allows a Council to cancel or refund all or part of a tax.


Since 2011 Council has cancelled the municipal portion of the property taxes on this lot.

The owners of Lot 3, Block 1, Plan 0221697 in SW 11-58-11-W4 are requesting that Council consider waiving their property tax increase which resulted from the renovations they did in 2016 to convert their attached garage into a suite for their handicapped son.  They intend to convert the suite back to a full garage when their son no longer requires the suite.  


In 2017 their assessment on their property increased by 77,340 due to the renovation, which equated to $496.02 in property taxes.  Council made a motion to cancel that property tax increase.


The owners are now requesting that Council do the same for their 2018 property taxes.  Based on a percentage increase of their assessment, the 2018 property taxes for the renovation are $514.92

  • $307.68 Municipal Tax
  • 196.19 School Tax
  • 11.05 MD Foundation 

Section 347 of the MGA allows a council to cancel all or part of a tax.

The owners of NE 7-56-7-W4 have a gravel pit on the property.  In the summer of 2015, they heard that Range Road 75, Richland Road, would be closed for the winter while the gravel under the road was being mined and that it would be reopened and built in the spring of 2016.  In 2016, 2017 and the spring of 2018 they hauled very little product from the gravel pit as Range Road 75 and Township Road 564 would not withstand any hauling.  However, for those years they were charged the non-residential tax rate for their gravel pit.  They are requesting a tax adjustment for 2016, 2017 and 2018.


The municipal portion of the non-residential taxes on this property are as follows:

  • 2016 - $1,071.90
  • 2017 - $1,127.36
  • 2018 - $1,069.78 

The owner of Lot 2A, Block 2, Plan 1023654 is requesting a concession on his water bill for the period of March 1 - 31, 2018.  The high consumption was caused by a leaking faucet which was the result of the water line freezing.  The leaking went unnoticed as they were away on vacation between March 24 to April 7th.  


Consumption for the month of March was 267 cubic metres, which is 245 cubic metres more than their average monthly consumption.  

Consumption for the month of April was 41 cubic metres. 

Their average monthly consumption is 22 cubic metres. 

Cost per cubic metre - $5.03

The FCM Board of Directors is taking steps to propel local governments to new heights through Federal Election 2019 and the crucial months following.  They have approved a 2-year Special Advocacy fund.  The fund is supported by FCM members, using a free structure similar to how membership fees are determined. 


The Special Advocacy Fund will drive FCM's largest and most ambitous campaign every, reaching out to every federal party.  It means an intensive, multi-faceted strategy that integrates polling platform development, sustained outreach, and an innovative communications and media plan.  It also means an extended campaign that keeps municipal priorities front-and-centre heading into Election 2019, as well as in the crucial first months of a new government.  The Special Advocacy Fund is voluntary and not tied to FCM membership.


More information is available at  Reeve Upham will speak to this agenda item.

Further to the meeting with Portage College, we have received a request to sponsor the Food Preneur event which is part of their 50th Anniversary Celebration.  It will kick-off with a community dinner and dance on Friday November 2nd followed by an interactive conference on the 3rd.  They expect the cost of the event will be $10,000 and are requesting if the County would co-sponsor the event with the Town of St. Paul.  

The St. Paul BMX & Skatepark Society has started to embark on their design stage and requires information on their location in order to properly start the design.  They have hired a consulting firm to perform the geological assessment of their property.  They also require a site survey and are requesting an in-kind donation from the County for survey services.  Further emails following their original request indicate that the work can be done in one day. 


The County surveyor had indicated that he can do the work, however it will be overtime (approx $450).


In July, 2016 Council approved a $30,000 grant for this group, providing they went ahead with the project.  We have allocated $30,000 in the budget.  

Pengrowth is requesting approval to covert their temporary signage to large, permanent signage as outlined below:

  • Pengrowth 16 km - Northbound immediately after turning from Highway 646 onto Range Road 50
  • Pengrowth (left) - Eastbound on Moose Hills Road at the junction with Range Road 50
  • Pengrowth 6 km - Northbound on Range Road 50, after the Moose Hills Road junction
  • Pengrowth (right and left) - Eastbound and Westbound at the junction of 646 and Range Road 50
  • Pengrowth 6 km - heading South on Range Road 50, after highway 656 junction  * Not in the County of St. Paul 
  • Pengrowth Lindberg SAGD Central Processing Facility - Northbound and Southbound on Range Road 50 at the entrance to their CPF.

The Lac Bellevue Ag Society is holding the Second Annual Antique Car, Truck and Tractor show on July 14th.  They are requesting if the County would widen their approach, by approximately 12 feet on one side, to make it easier for units to turn onto their grounds.  Public Works is estimating that it would cost $500 to construct the approach. 

The MD of St. Paul Foundation is requesting a letter of support from the County to have the decision by Alberta Health Services to discontinue mobile blood collection services at Sunnyside Manor reversed to include all residents.  Effective May 1, residents need to qualify for the service based on the eligibility criteria and will require their physician to fill out a mobile collection form which will then be submitted for review.  The attached letter outlines eligibility criteria for residents.   


Sunnyside houses 120 residents with the average age of 85 and only 26 residents have a vehicle.  The remainder of the residents depend on the handi-bus, taxi serivce or family to take them to the hospital for the semi-monthly or weekly blood collection.  AHS Laboratory Services were coming once a week to Sunnyside Manor for blood collection.  Discontinuing mobile blood collection at Sunnnyside Manor puts undue harship on the residents, shows disregard for their well being and shows failure to acknowledge how this affects residents. 

FCSS will be applying for a grant under the New Horizons for Seniors Program for the Ashmont Seniors to replace the roof on their building.  They are requesting a letter of support to accompany their grant application.

At the April 10 Meeting, Council made a motion to appoint Jessica Murray to FCSS Board on a temporary basis.    

The Elk Point Pickle Ball Club received a $20,000 Co-op grant for a pickle ball court.  Tomko Sports will be installing the pickleball courts from June 11 to July 30 weather permitting, at a cost is $25,897.20.  The Elk Point Pickle Ball Club will also have additional expenses for Garbage/Recycle containers, picnic seating benches and a storage shed with locks for their equipment.    


They have received $2,600 in donations from local clubs and a hotel in the Town of Elk Point will provide 50% off accommodations for the contractors.   They are now requesting a donation to help fund the shortfall for this project which they expect to be $5,547.50.  


They have also requested funding from the Town of Elk Point under their Community Enhancement grant funding program for 2018 but are still waiting to hear if they are successful.

The St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Plant is requesting that Council consider funding the cost of a defibrillator to keep on site, at the plant.  

The have provided the following quotes:

  • Reel Parts & Safety Ltd. - $2100
  • Lakeland Fire & Safety - $2,099

Fee Schedule Bylaw 2018-11 is being presented with the following amendments:

  • Fire Fees
  • include a rate for the annual subscription for the GIS
  • other minor corrections. 

Proposed amendments are noted in red.

The Fire Protection Services Bylaw is being presented with amendments as per the recommendations of the Director of Community Services.  Some of these amendments go hand in hand with the amendments to the Fee Schedule Bylaw while other amendments reference the Penalties Bylaw instead of the Fee Schedule.  Proposed changes are in red.  



A copy of the budget to actual will be presented to Council for review.

A listing of Accounts Payable will be provided for Council's review.

Council fees for the month of May will be circulated for Council review.