County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In Camera item to be presented at the meeting. 

In Camera

James Preston will be in to speak with Council about purchasing a used 1998 Freightliner Pumper Tanker for $119,500 plus an additional $1,000 for a winter heating kit.  In the 2018 budget, we had budgeted $120,000 for the purchase of a new pumper truck. 

Following the presentation, if Council agrees to purchase the 1998 Pumper Tanker we will require the following motions -

  • Transfer $120,000 from Transfer to Reserves to Capital.  
  • Fund the additional $500 from unrestricted surplus
  • Purchase the 1998 Freightliner Tanker Pumper from Colya J Fire Services for $120,500.

The Plantes have requested to meet with Council to discuss the possibility of moving two acreages situated on both sides of Range Road 94A that will be greatly diminished should Township Road 582 be widened.

Orest Boyko will be in to speak with Council regarding ongoing issues related to SE 31-56-7-W4.  He is also requesting clarification on Township Road 565.

Doug Drolet, Ray Suvak and Karen Wanchuk, with the St. Paul Ag Society, will be requesting an increase in their annual Recreational Facility Grant from $10,000 to $50,000.

Administration is requesting to change the date of the September Council Meeting from September 11th to September 14th.  


Sectoion 193 of the MGA allows a Council to change the date of a regularly scheduled Council Meeting.  

Haily Gish is requesting to attend the following courses with the costs to be paid through the professional development portion of the Municipal Internship Program:

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association Certification - $1,220 (Sept. to April)

  1. The program touches on multiple aspects of parks and recreation, including: leadership, community building, service development and organizational management.
  2. Core competencies can be viewed on -    _Competencies_Report_Web.pdf
  3. The course is relevant for her interest in community services and will be helpful when communicating about parks and recreation opportunities in our County.
  4. Course is 100% online and will take 3 hours per week.

AUMA Tradeshow and Conference in Red Deer - (September 26-28)

  1. Interns attend for free; only fee is $45 for City of Red Deer Reception Dinner
  2. More information:

The 3rd Annual MS Charity Golf Tournament will be held this Friday, August 17th.  They are requesting if the County would be interested in entering a team for the tournament.  Cost is $400 per team.  

At the July Council Meeting, Council made a motion to pay half the cost of the Boscombe Community Centre connecting to the Ashmont/Mallaig Transmission line, which will be approximately $7,250.


The Boscombe Community Centre is now requesting that Council consider providing additional funding as the Association installed the cistern at their  cost, which was approximately $12,000.   


Total Cost to connect - $14,500;

  • $11,000 - hook up to property line (cost from Beretta plus County connection fee)
  • $2,500 - cost to to hook to cistern
  • $1,000 - cost of pipe

The County of St. Paul Community Association has submitted an Investing in Canada Plan grant application to design and construct the boat launch located at the Stoney Lake Municipal Recreation Area. The total project cost is $275,000.00.

The Association is also intending to submit a CFEP application in September to help fund the project. 

The Association is requesting that the County contribute $20,000.00 to the project. 

With the passing of the Cannabis Act, cannabis will become legal for consumption in Canada on October 17, 2018.  Every level of government is responsible for a portion of the control and regulation of cannabis.  Bylaw 2018-15 addresses the regulation of cannabis in relation to the Land Use Bylaw.  


After first reading, the Bylaw must be advertised in accordance with Section 606 of the MGA and a public hearing held in accordance with Section 230 of the MGA.  

Council has approved the list of oiling projects for 2018.  During the course of preparation for oiling east of Boyne Lake Store, PW staff were approached by Don Imeson who indicated that he was supposed to have oil an extra 1/2 mile to his property.  The PW staff contacted Steven Jeffery, past Public Works Supervisor, who obtained easements for the road project in that area.  He indicated that the 1/2 mile in question was in fact oiled prior to the road construction.  As a result Administration is looking for approval to include this addtional 1/2 mile of oil in Division 6.  Councillor Amyotte has indicated that he will reduce 1/2 mile West of Mallaig to accommodate this change.

Councillor Hedrick has requested that the lagoon road west of Highway 36 be oiled for 1 mile.  Prior to the new road being built to the new lagoon, this section of road did have oil on it.  PW has indicated that due to the heavy truck traffic on this stretch of road, that Council consider other dust control alternatives to cold mix for this road.  Options would include: MG30 or Roadtech.

CNRL is interested in trying the road tech product on 1 km on Twp Rd 560 East of Rge Rd 33.  This is on a CNRL main haul route that was slated for cold mix repair in Division 1 - Krider Road east of 897.  Administration is suggesting that CNRL pay for the product and the County install the product.  Cost to CNRL - $60,000; Cost to County - $15,000.  If we cold mix this section of road as planned, CNRL will be billed for the cold mix - $80,000 and the County will pay for rip and relay of $15,000.  

CNRL is proposing to upgrade a portion of RR 51 accessing 12-1-56-5-W4 as per the attached survey plan.  


They currently have a short term agreement to access 12-1-56-6-W4.  The agreement is dated January 16, 2018 and is valid for one year from date of execution as outlined in Section 2 of the Agreement.  As per the agreement, the Industry Partner shall, no later than 90 days prior to the expiration of the term of the Agreement, advise the County whether they require continued use of the road.  If they require continued use of the road, the industry partner shall enter into Agreement regarding the continued use of the road which includes provisions to construct and upgrade the road to applicable municipal standards and repair and maintain the road for twenty years from the date of completion.  


The long term agreement for Standard Road Building and Maintenance is attached.  Administration is recommending to enter into an agreement with CNRL with the following changes to the Standard Agreement:

  • Remove Section 7 - Security
  • 10b ii - Termination before 20 year agreement is over - $1000/year (to cover some grading costs)

The McRae Commmunity is re-tinning their hall and are in need of approximately 40 yards of clay to help with drainage on their property.  They are requesting assistance from the County by hauling in this clay to their site for free.  There is some clay stored in the Public Works yard which can be hauled out to McRae.  

The NLLS Conference is September 20 & 21 in Elk Point.  Registration is $65 per person.

Motion for Councillors Fodness, Amyotte & Wirsta to attend.  

Bruderheim on October 19; Vermilion on October 20; Lac La Biche on October 29; Two Hills on November 7th 

Motion for Council to attend the Alberta HUB Economic Development for Elected Officials Sessions which suits their schedule.

Oct. 29 - Councillor Wirsta; Nov. 7 - Councillors Amyotte, Fodness & Younghans

AB HUB Economic Development for Elected Officials - Understand Economic Development Processes Policies and Projects - Registration is $165 

  • October 20 in Vermilion 
  • October 27 in lac La Biche - Kevin 
  • November 7 in Two Hills - Maxine, Laurent, Darrell

Motion to approve Councillors to attend Course at a location that fits their schedule.

Invitation to Council for Ashmont Legion 90th Anniversary Celebration - Saturday September 22 at 2:00 p.m.  RSVP by September 17th  

CAO Report to be presented at the meeting.

A copy of the budget to actual will be presented to Council for review.

A listing of Accounts Payable will be provided for Council's review.

Council fees for the past month will be circulated for review.