County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In camera items to be presented at the meeting. 

At the May 10, 2016 meeting, Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 2016-12, which is a bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50 as it relates to rezoning 10 acres in N 1/2 NW 7-58-8-W4 from Agricultural to Country Residential One (CR1).


Bylaw No. 2016-12 was advertised in the St. Paul Journal and Elk Point Review the weeks of May 30 and June 7, 2016.

RSVPs were sent out to adjacent landowners regarding a public consultation which was to be held on May 30, 2016, however there were no favorable replies therefore the public consultation was cancelled. 

On May 17, a letter was issued to the owner of Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 0124546 in NE 3-58-11-W4 (12.26 acres) stating that as per section 7.18 of the County's Land Use Bylaw, they are only permitted to have 9 horses on their property, and therefore they are required to remove any horses they have in excess of the 9. 


The landowner will be in to speak with Council requesting to be exempt from the Land Use Bylaw. 

The St. Paul Fire Department wishes to add a wildland ATV to their fleet to assist with fires in remote areas or heavy bush fires.  The unit would also be available to assist EMS with patients of snowmobile or ATV incidents. 


They are requesting that $25,000 be transferred from the "Joint Use-Fire Reserve Account" which has been set up by collecting for incidents that occur along Provincial Highways.  Any additional funds required would come from the members fundraising society - Lakeland Safety Services, which would include the purchase of an ATV trailer. 

In November, 2015 Marvin Bjornstad and Marianne Price, on behalf of Riverland Recreational Trail Society, gave a presentation on the Maintenance Program for 2013, 2014 and 2015, which included a breakdown of how they used the $6720 funding provided by County.  Mr. Bjornstad also requested that Council consider providing funding for the RRTS for another three years (2016-2018).  Following their presentation, Council passed a motion to refer the request to budget; however, the request was overlooked during budget discussions. 

The Royal Canadian Legion, Ashmont Branch is in the process of upgrading their hall.  They will be upgrading their entrance, kitchen, bathrooms, ceiling and hardwood flooring.  They are estimating the total cost of the project to be between $55,000 and $60,000.  They having some funding in place to for the renovations, however they anticipate a cost overrun due to having to replace infrastructure that cannot be seen until the walls and siding is removed.  They are requesting $25,000 from the County to assist with their renovations.

The Town of Elk Point is requesting Council to consider sharing 50% of their operating costs - maintenance of the Senior's Handi Van - which is utilized by both Town and County residents.  The Town of Elk Point pays for insurance, vehicle registration, tires, safety inspections and overall maintenance. 


The annual budget tor maintenance is $3,000, so the County's share would be $1,500.  To date, $933 has been expended. 


There is currently $49,277.69 in the Transportation Reserve Account. 

The group of owners of Lot 6, Block 3, Plan 0021847, know as Aline Drive Water Service Ltd., is once again requesting that the 2016 municipal portion of the property taxes be cancelled ($743.71). The lot is used for a dugout and a small shed that houses the equipment to pump water to 3 lots in the subdivision.  The property taxes are paid by the lot owners who are connected to the water service.


Section 347 of the M.G.A. allows a Council to cancel or refund all or part of a tax.


Since 2011 Council has cancelled the Municipal property taxes on this lot.

The St. Paul Trailblazer's Snowmobile Club is requesting that the cabin located on SE 19-57-9-W4 be exempt from taxation.  It is owned and maintained by the Snowmobile Club and is utilized by the general public.  The cabin is situated on private property and was picked up by Accurate Assessment for the 2016 taxation year. 


There are cabins located on other properties, which have not yet been picked up by Accurate Assessment.  Administration is working on a comprehensive list of the cabins so Accurate Assessment can assess them all at the same time.  We will then present the completed list to Council requesting that they be exempt from taxation under section 364(1) of the MGA. 

At the May 24 Public Works Meeting, Council discussed a concern from a ratepayer who stated that the walking path on the south side of St. Vincent Lake was fenced off.  The item was referred to the Public Works Department.


Public Works checked the property (outlined in green) and the walking path that the residents were using was on private property.  The property changed hands in 2015.  The fence is on private property.


The only way to provide access for the residents is to clear a path on either side of the lot.

A Public Hearing was held in August, 2015 to discuss Bylaw No. 2015-15, which is a bylaw to close a portion of road allowance located between SE 6-60-11-W4 and NE 31-59-11-W4 from Range Road 115 West 420 metres.  Council heard from ratepayers in opposition to and in favor of the proposed road cancellation. 


The Bylaw has been approved by the Minister of Transportation and is now being presented to Council for 2nd and 3rd reading. 

The County has been working the a water line from Ashmont to Spedden and in order to proceed with it, the County requires an agreement so the water can flow from the HWY 28/63 water commission at Spedden to Ashmont.  Administration along with the County's consulting engineers, Urban Systems, have been working with the water commission and Brownlee LLP to develop this agreement.  One of the significant items in the agreement is the county's capital contribution of $866,255 that will be covered by Water for Life granting and makes the County the same class of customer as all other customers on the HWY 28/63 water commission line.  What this means is the County of St. Paul will be paying the same water rates as all other municipalities along the line.  Additionally, the capital contribution includes future servicing of the Hamlet of Mallaig. 


The HWY 28/63 Water Commission approved this agreement on May 25th.  Administration is looking for Council to approve this agreement for a 25 year term. 

On May 31st, the Government of Alberta tabled Bill 21: Modernized Municipal Government Act in the Legislature. This legislation proposes a number of significant changes to how municipalities operate. Since that time, the AAMDC has been touring the province with the new legislation and discussing the proposed changes with members.

The AAMDC has held four of the five sessions with the last session being held on June 20th in Peace River (St. Isidore Cultural Centre, St. Isidore). Members who have not been able to attend the AAMDC sessions in their own district are invited to attend this session. 

In addition to the AAMDC member consultations, the AAMDC has also prepared a guide to the new MGA as well as a workbook for members to complete.

The workbook is intended to allow members to provide feedback on specific issues raised in the MGA but do not feel obligated to complete the entire workbook. The deadline for workbook submission will be June 30th, 2016. Please return the workbook to administration to be forwarded on to AAMDC. 

The AAMDC will be using the feedback received from the member consultations, the workbooks and a forthcoming survey to identify advocacy priorities for the AAMDC, which will be submitted to Alberta Municipal Affairs for consideration as the legislation is brought back in the fall for a final vote. The AAMDC will also be assembling a ‘What We Heard’ document which will be available in the near future.

The Government of Alberta is also holding their own consultations across the province. AAMDC members are reminded that this legislation is a draft and members are encouraged to participate in MGA related events to ensure the rural voice is heard in these conversations.

For your consideration, a briefing note has been attached featuring the specific changes Council will be responsible for enacting as a result of the proposed legislation. 

Attached is a summary of the garbage that was picked up from Ashmont, Mallaig, Floatingstone and Crestview during the two week program.  Administration has received feedback from residents expressing their appreciation for the spring cleanup. 

Noon - 2:30 p.m. - Open House - Rides from Cold Lake staging area to trestle.  BBQ Burgers and hotdogs at trestle

3:00 p.m. - Official Opening Ceremonies