County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

The regular meeting of the Council of the County of St. Paul No. 19 was called to order by Reeve Steve Upham at 10:09 a.m., Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at the County Office in St. Paul, there being present the following:

Reeve Steve Upham 
Councillor Glen OckermanDivision 1
Councillor Dwight DachDivision 2
Councillor Cliff MartinDivision 3
Councillor Maxine FodnessDivision 4
Councillor Frank SloanDivision 5
Councillor Laurent AmyotteDivision 6
Sheila KitzCAO
Tim MahdiukAssistant CAO
Phyllis CorbiereExecutive Assistant
Leo deMoissacPublic Works Superintendent
Bryan BespalkoPublic Works Supervisor
Kyle AttanasioDir. Leg. & Comm Services
Janice HuserSt. Paul Journal

Reeve Upham presented the Municipal Safety Recognition Certificate to Bryan Bespalko, in recognition of 20 years of Accreditation under the Safety Codes Act. 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1001

    to approve minutes of the May 10, 2016 Council Meeting as presented.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1002

    to adopt the Bank Reconciliation for the month ending May 31, 2016.


The following additions were made to the agenda:

8.12  Request for Letter of Support - Town of Elk Point

8.13  Request to Waive Disposal Fees - St. Paul Animal Shelter

8.14  Request for Letter of Support - Mallaig Legion

8.15  Owlseye Road

8.16  Protection for the Unprotected - Second Annual Show and Shine

10.2  Fire Chief's Conference

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1003

    to adopt the agenda for the Regular Meeting of Council for June 14, 2016 with the above noted additions.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1004

    to go in camera as per section 27 of the FOIP Act.  Time:  10:15 a.m.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1005

    to revert to an open meeting.  Time: 10:55 a.m.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1006

    that administration negotiate with the owners of NW 16-57-6-W4 regarding their legal claim against the County.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1007

    that administration get a legal opinion for potential options to proceed with the construction of the Owlseye road.   

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1008

    to deny the request from the owner of S 1/2 SW 31-60-10-W4 to remove the writ of enforcement for his outstanding gravel invoice, however administration will look at other options to collect the invoice.


Reeve Upham called the public hearing to order at 11:00 a.m.

Krystle Fedoretz, Planning and Development, informed Council that the Public Hearing has been advertised in accordance with Section 203 of the M.G.A.


Krystle Fedoretz informed Council that the purpose of the Public Hearing is to hear from anyone affected by Bylaw No. 2016-12, which is a Bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw No. 2015-50 as it relates to rezoning 10 acres in N 1/2 NW 7-58-8-W4 from Agricultural to Country Residential One (CR1). 


Reeve Upham requested if there were any written submissions in opposition to the proposed amendment to the Land Use Bylaw.  There were no written submissions in opposition and there was no one present to speak in opposition.


Krystle Fedoretz also informed Council that there were no written submissions in favor of the proposed amendment and and there was no one present to speak in favor.


Reeve Upham declared the Public Hearing closed at 11:02 a.m.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1013

    motion to give second reading to Bylaw No. 2016-12, which is a bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50, as it relates to rezoning 10 acres in N 1/2 NW 7-58-8-W4 from Agricultural to Country Residential One (CR1). 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1014

    motion to give third reading to Bylaw No. 2016-12. 


Les Trach and Karen Getzinger, owners of Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 0124546, were admitted to the Council Room at 11:34 a.m. to discuss a letter they received from County staff stating that they must remove their horses from their property, as they are in contravention of the County Land Use Bylaw. 


Mr. Trach informed Council that he was not aware that the Land Use Bylaw existed.  They use their property to house their livestock from November 1 to May 31 -  between 60-70 cows and 100 horses.  From June 1 to November 1 their animals are on pasture, so there are very few animals during that time period on their property.


They are requesting to be exempt from the Land Use Bylaw and be permitted to leave their animals on their property.


Following their presentation, the delegation left the Council Room at 11:45 a.m.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1022

    that administration prepare an amendment to Land Use Bylaw 2013-50 to include a notwithstanding clause to allow the landowners to continue operating in the capacity that they are currently operating, and that the amendment be presented at the Public Works meeting.



  • Resolution #CM20160614.1009

    to approve the use of funds in the amount of $25,000 from the Joint Use-Fire Reserve Account to purchase an ATV w/skid unit and that the additional funding will be paid for by the fundraising society. 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1010

    to approve annual funding in the amount of $6,720 for the Riverland Recreation Society and the Trail Groomer's Association for a three year term commencing 2016.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1011

    to table the request from the Ashmont Legion for funding to assist with renovations to their hall, and request that they provide quotes for the work to be completed. 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1012

    to approve the request to cost share the operating expenses up to $3,000 with the Town of Elk Point for the Elk Point Senior's Handi Bus, with the expense to be paid from the Transportation Reserve Account. 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1015

    to refund the municipal property taxes in the amount of $743.71 for the 2016 taxation year on Lot 6, Block 3, Plan 0021847, as per section 347 of the M.G.A., as the property is only being used for a dugout and a small shed that houses equipment to pump water to 3 lots in the subdivision.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1016

    to exempt the cabin located on SE 19-57-9-W4 for the 2016 taxation year, as it is owned by a non-profit organization but located on private property. 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1017

    that administration refer the policy regarding brushing on MR to the ratepayer who is requesting access to Vincent Lake. 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1018

    to give second reading to Bylaw No. 2015-15, which is a bylaw to close 420 metres of road allowance between SE 6-60-11-W4 and NE 31-59-11-W4.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1019

    to give third reading to Bylaw No. 2015-15.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1020

    to approve the Water Supply Agreement with the Highway 28/63 Water Services Commission for a 25 year term.



  • Resolution #CM20160614.1021

    to refer the responses to the MGA Review Questionnaire to Public Works Meeting,  to be submitted as a Council as a whole. 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1023

    to file the information on the Spring cleanup in the Hamlets of Ashmont and Mallaig and Floatingstone and Crestview subdivisions. 

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1024

    to provide the Town of Elk Point Recreation Department with a letter of support for their grant application under the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program to expand the recreational trail. 



  • Resolution #CM20160614.1025

    to deny the request from the St. Paul Animal Shelter to waive the tipping fees and recommend that they look at alternative methods of disposing of the debris on their property.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1026

    to provide the Mallaig Legion with a letter of support for funding through the Canada 150 grant to complete the upgrades to their hall.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1027

    to approve the request from the Protection for the Unprotected Awareness Society of Alberta to close 3 blocks along Main street in Ashmont, directly in front of Lots 13-15, Block 1, Plan 1379CL and to use the staging area for their 2nd Annual Show and Shine on July 24, 2016. 



  • Resolution #CM20160614.1028

    to apply for Canada 150 Grant for funding to build a mini-golf and gazebo at the Westcove Campground.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1029

    that administration submit an application to nominate Haying in the 30s for a Heritage Award.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1030

    to file the CAO report as presented.


Councillor D Dach  reported on the Annual Fire Chief Conference.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1031

    that administration look into the cost of the Firemen dress uniform and that every individual has safety piece and canisters that click in.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1032

    to approve the budget to actual as of May 31, 2016.



  • Resolution #CM20160614.1033

    to approve the Council Fees for the Month of May, 2016 as circulated.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1034

    Motion to file the listing of Accounts Payable as circulated:

    BatchCheque DateCheque Nos.Batch Amount
    19394May 11, 201625724$      4,850.00
    19406May 12, 201625725 - 25843$   728,167.23
    19416May 18, 201625844 - 25876$1,269,623.53
    19435May 2, 201625877 - 25942$   424,681.67
  • Resolution #CM20160614.1035

    to go in camera as per Section 17 of the FOIP Act.  Time:  12:30 p.m.

  • Resolution #CM20160614.1036

    to revert to an open meeting.  Time:  12:35 p.m.


Business on the agenda being concluded, Chairman S. Upham adjourned the meeting.  Time:  12:36 p.m.


These minutes approved this 12th day of July , 2015.


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Reeve                                                       Chief Administrative Officer