County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

The regular meeting of the Council of the County of St. Paul No. 19 was called to order by Reeve Steve Upham at 10:03 a.m., Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at the County Office in St. Paul, there being present the following:

Reeve Steve Upham 
Councillor Darrell YounghansDivision 1
Councillor Kevin WirstaDivision 2
Councillor Cliff MartinDivision 3
Councillor Maxine FodnessDivision 4
Councillor Dale HedrickDivision 5
Councillor Laurent AmyotteDivision 6
Sheila KitzCAO
Tim MahdiukDirector of Community Services
Kyle AttanasioDirector of Corporate Services
Phyllis CorbiereExecutive Assistant
Mark ChileenDirector of Public Works 
Kaitlyn KenneyMunicipal Intern
Hailey GishMunicipal Intern
Grant DemeSt. Paul Journal
Sandy BishopLakeland Connect
  • Resolution #CM20180508.1001

    to approve minutes of the April 10, 2018 Council Meeting as presented.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1002

    to adopt the Bank Reconciliation for the month ending April 30, 2018.


The following additions were made to the agenda:

8.12  Emergency Fire Aid Agreement with Saddle Lake

8,13  St. Lina Ag Society - Request for Gravel and Oil for Parking Lot

8.14  St. Paul Canada Day Fireworks

8.15  Support for Reeve Upham appointment to FCM - Funded by Zone 


  • Resolution #CM20180508.1003

    to adopt the agenda for the Regular Meeting of Council for May 8, 2018 with the above noted additions.


Sandy Bishop and Grant Deme left the Council Room at 10:06 a.m. 

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1004

    to go in camera as per Division 2, Part 1, Section 27 of the FOIP Act to discuss information provided by legal counsel and Section 21 to discuss intergovernmental information.  Time: 10:06 a.m. 

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1005

    that Council return to an open meeting at 10:30 a.m.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1006

    to deny the request from the former owner of Lot 23, Block 2, Plan 4950EO for compensation for past damages.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1007

    motion that administration prepare an amendment to the Fire Bylaw and the Fee Schedule Bylaw to include charges for Motor Vehicle Accidents and for failing to get a fire permit.


Cancelled - All tax arrears paid.  No properties to auction.  

Todd Tanasichuk entered the Council Room at 11:03 a.m.

The St. Paul Quarterback's Club is requesting a $55,000 loan from the County to cover the shortfall of funding for the lighting project proposed for the St. Paul Football field at the Regional High School.  They have proposed to pay back the loan over 11 years at $5,000 annually.

Todd left the meeting at 11:19 a.m. 

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1026

    to give first reading to Bylaw 2018-09.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1008

    give first reading to Bylaw No. 2018-08, to update the Installment Tax Payment Plan.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1009

    to give second reading to Bylaw No. 2018-08.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1010

    to present Bylaw No. 2018-08 at this meeting for third and final reading.

    Carried Unamimously
  • Resolution #CM20180508.1011

    to give third reading to Bylaw 2018-08.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1012

    to reschedule the July Council Meeting to Friday, July 6 at 10:00 a.m., as the regular scheduled date conflicts with the ASB Summer Tour.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1013

    to approve Sheila Kitz, Darlene Smereka, Hailey Gish and Kaitlyn Kenney to attend the Workshop on Engaging the Public in Asset Management on May 29 in Strathmore.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1014

    to approve Kaitlyn Kenney to attend the Technical Basics Workshop on May 30-31 in Lethbridge.  

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1015

    to approve Sheila Kitz, Darlene Smereka, and Kaitlyn Kenney to attend the Workshop on Communicating Levels of Service on June 5 in Drayton Valley.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1016

    to provide $2,000 for the Elk Point Canada Day Celebrations, to pay for half of the fireworks. 

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1017

    to approve $2000 for Elk Point Minor Ball for their Provincial tournaments held in 2017 and amend Policy ADM-51 to include a clause with a deadline of January 31, of the following year, to apply for funding.  

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1018

    to approve a $500 grant for Regional High School for students attending the Skills Canada Competition, to make it consistent with donations for sports teams attending provincial championships, and refer an amendment to Policy ADM-51 to include Skills Canada to the Policy Committee.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1019

    to provide a $1,000 transportation grant for the Heritage Lodge Auxiliary Society to be paid from the Public Transportation Grant account.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1020

    to ratify the donation of 40 yards of gravel for Haying in the 30s for a concrete slab and landscaping around the building.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1021

    to approve the request from the Town of St. Paul for 250 yards of gravel to assist with the drainage issues they are having in the staging area behind the Ag Corral.  

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1022

    to erect signage on the three streets in the Hamlet of Ashmont restricting heavy traffic over 3 tonne, unless authorized by permit.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1023

    to provide Shannon Millhouse an additional 90 days to pay for the Development Permit and Building Permit on Lots 11 & 12, Plan 1379CL, as she is awaiting her settlement from insurance on the fire that destroyed her restaurant.  These permits were required when she relocated Porky's Bar and Grill to a temporary location.  

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1024

    to ratify the Temporary Emergency Fire Protection Servies Agreement with the Saddle Lake First Nation for a period of fourteen days from April 29 to May 12.  

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1025

    approve 500 yards of gravel for the St. Lina Ag Society to assist with repairs to the parking lot and that the Ag Society provide a copy of their financial statement for the June meeting and Council will revisit their request for cold mix at that time.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1027

    to provide town with $7,500 to cover 50% of the cost of fireworks for their Canada Day Celebration.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1028

    to provide Reeve Upham with a letter supporting his application to serve as a member on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board for a one-year term, as supported by Zone 5.



  • Resolution #CM20180508.1029

    to accept the CAO Report as presented.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1030

    to approve the budget to actual as of April 30, 2018.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1031

    Motion to file the listing of Accounts Payable as circulated:

    BatchCheque DateCheque Nos.Batch Amount
    21341April 7, 201830901 - 31003$1,308,852.16
    21352April 10, 201831004 - 31007$     46,056.54
    21368April 16, 201831008 - 31081$   436,038.26
    21376April 18, 2018Direct Deposit$   102,955.48
    21384April 24, 201831082 - 31126$   701,266.76
  • Resolution #CM20180508.1032

    to approve the Council Fees for the Month of April, 2017 as circulated and amended.

  • Resolution #CM20180508.1033

    to appoint Councillor Kevin Wirsta to serve as a board member on the Elk Point Canada Day Committee.


Business on the agenda being concluded, Chairman S. Upham adjourned the meeting.  Time:  12:09 p.m.


These minutes approved this 12th day of June, 2018.



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Reeve                                                Chief Administrative Officer