County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In camera items to be presented at the meeting.

In Camera

Section 418 of the M.G.A. requires Council to offer for sale at a public auction any parcel of land shown on its tax arrears list if the tax arrears are not paid.  All tax arrears have been paid.  There are no properties to auction.

Todd Tanischuk, with the St. Paul Football Club will be in to speak with Council about their lighting project.  They had $195,000 of their $240,000 project committed, leaving a shortfall of $45,000. However, the cost of the lighting has increased by $13,000 from the quote they received last year, $10,000 of which they have already fundraised.  Their shortfall is now approximately $50,000.  


They have more grants and are hoping that their shortfall will be obtained, but if it isn't they are requesting if the County would provide a loan (low interest or even no interest if possible).   Their $110,000 grant from the province has to be used by next spring, so they need to complete the project this summer.  


Section 264 of the MGA allows a municipality to lend money to a non-profit organization.  Section 265 of the MGA states that the bylaw authorizing the loan must be advertised.  


On a side note - the Football club has submitted a request to clean up after the rodeo performance this year and the rodeo supper next year.  

Bylaw No 2018-08 is being presented to Council to rescind Bylaw 1451 to update it as it relates to the process for the installment tax payment plan.  This Bylaw was set up in 2005 when we started the payment plan, and it was written based on how other municipalities had their plans set up.  Now that we've been using this plan for a number of years, we would like to make changes to the Bylaw.  The amendments give staff room to deal with situations where residents start on the payment plan outside of the dates specified in the bylaw and to provide a provision for less than 12 equal payments in the first year.  


After residents are on the installment tax payment plan, they are no longer subject to the tax penalty bylaw.

The regular date for the July Council Meeting - July 10th - conflicts with the ASB Summer Tour in Strathcona County.


Section 193 of the MGA allows a Council to change the date of a regularly scheduled Council meeting.


RMA, AUMA and Infrastructure and Asset Management Alberta (IAMA) are providing training workshops for municipal staff free of charge.  The training will be held during the months of May and June throughout the province.

The Elk Point Canada Day Committee is requesting $4,000 to cover the cost of fireworks for the 2018 Canada Day Celebrations.  This is the same budget they used for fireworks for 2013-2016.  Total cost of the Canada Day Celebration is $10,000.


In 2017 Council provided $6,000 for the fireworks as it was their Canada 150 celebration.  Prior to 2017, Council provided $400.  

Elk Point Minor Ball hosted the Provincial Championship Tournaments for Mosquitos and Bantams in July, 2017.  There was a quick turnaround from the time they were awarded the tournament to when they hosted, so they forgot to submit their request for financial assistance.  They have now submitted their request.   

We have received a request from Regional High School for sponsorship for nine students who qualified to compete in Carpentry, Welding, Hairstyling, Baking and Culinary Arts at the Skills Canada Alberta Provincial  Competition in Edmonton from May 30 to June 1, 2018.


This request does not fall within policy, therefore it is being presented for Council consideration.

  • In 2015 Council approved $200 for a student from Mallaig School who attended the Skills Canada Alberta Provincial Competition in Culinary Arts.    
  • In 2017 Council approved a $1,200 grant for six Regional High School students who attended the Skills Canada Alberta Provincial Competition.  At that time, Policy ADM-51 was referred to the policy committee for review, however it was overlooked.


The Heritage Lodge Auxiliary Society has access to the Community Handi-van to provide transportation for recreation and medical trips for their residents.  The Auxiliary obtains their funding through small donations and internal funding.  They are requesting a travel grant to assist with the cost of fuel so they can continue offering recreation and medical trips to their seniors as well as members of their community.  

Haying in the 30s poured a concrete pad on Wednesday, May 1st.  They requested 40 yards of gravel to be delivered at the site.  As there was a quick turnaround from the time of their request to when they needed the gravel, public works delivered the gravel to them.  

Town of St. Paul CAO Kim Heyman met with the St. Paul Ag Society to discuss drainage issues they are having in the staging area behind the Ag Corral.  They are estimating that they will need about 500 yards of gravel to deal with the various drainage challenges.  The Town is requesting the County to consider donating 250 yards of gravel.  The Town will commit to donating the other half of the gravel as well as doing the necessary equipment work.  

We are having issues with loaded bale trucks hauling through the streets in Ashmont.  Residents have contacted Public Works requesting signage to restrict the streets to one ton traffic as it is damaging the streets.  

Shannon Millhouse is requesting that Council waive the permit fees on Lots 11 & 12, Block 4, Plan 1379CL - $200 for her Development Permit and $364 for her Building Permit.  She set up her restaurant at a temporary location in Ashmont, after Porky's burned down last winter. 


The permits have already been issued and they have been advertised.  Therefore, even if Council waives the fees we are still required to pay Superior Safety Codes $276.50 for the building permit and we will have to absorb the advertising costs.

  • 14 day agreement that ends on May 12. 
  • Consider adding an additional 2 weeks if Saddle Lake does not have any fire equipment.
  • Extension to the agreement should include the Town of St. Paul as a party to the agreement - they should have been included in the first agreement
    • they use County fire equipment, but Town of St. Paul volunteer fire fighters.
  • Consider a longer term Mutual Aid or Emergency Aid Agreement. 


A copy of the budget to actual will be presented to Council for review.

A listing of Accounts Payable will be provided for Council's review.

Council fees for the past month will be circulated for review.