County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

At the February meeting, Council passed a motion to table a decision on the date for a Budget Meeting pending information on how other municipalities hold their budget meetings. 

In discussions with other municipalities - it varies as to whether councils hold their meetings in public or in camera.  Several hold open meetings, but revert to in-camera for discussions involving land, legal, or labour.  Others hold the entire budget discussions in-camera.


At the February Meeting, Council made a motion to make an application under the Final Mile Rural Community Program in partnership with MCSNet to construct infrastructure necessary to provide internet service to those areas of the County currently not serviced.  

In reviewing the requirements of the Grant application process the County will need to make the application for this grant and then tender the project out for a contractor to build and provide the service.  MSCnet has been informed  the County will proceed to make this application and that they will be required to bid on the project.

Council will need to rescind the motion made in February which included MSCnet as a partner in the project.  They will need to make a motion to make an application under the Final Mile Rural Community Program.

Representatives from ATCO will be in to answer any questions that Council may have regarding the proposed transmission lines.

The following land leases are being presented for renewal for the year 2012:

SW 18-56-3-W4 Lanni Bristow
SW 16-58-5-W4 Glen Ockerman
W 1/2 NE 14-60-10-W4 Raymond Amyotte
Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 1125929 Raymond Amyotte
     (PSW 30-60-9-W4)  


Section 61 of the M.G.A. allows a municipality to grant rights with respect to its property.

The 2012 Spring Municipal FOIP Network Meeting will be held April 13, 2012 in Edmonton.

Accurate Assessment Group is offering the following courses:

-  Fundamentals of GIS - March 6th

-  Making Maps in GeoMedia - April 17

-  Data Analysis - April 18th.

Northern Alberta Municipalties are invited to participate in a Northern Alberta Safety Council meeting hosted by Flagstaff County.  AMHSA will present an update on their recent activities and they have also invited Alberta Employment and Immigration – Partnerships and the Workers’ Compensation Board to present updates as well. The information session will focus on tire safety and tire servicing safety courses


The meeting will be held on April 19 in Sedgewick.

The 52nd Annual Alberta Assessors' Association Conference will be held April 24-27, 2012 in Calgary.

Councillor Fodness has been approved by Community Futures to attend the 2012 Community Futures National Event in Halifax from May 30 to June 1, departing May 29th and returning June 2nd.  The cost of the conference, hotel, and airline is paid through Community Futures.  


Councillor Fodness is requesting approval from Council to attend this conference.

The public hearing for Bylaw No. 1591 which is the IDP with the Town of Elk Point, is scheduled for April 10 at 7:00 p.m., after our Council Meeting.  Therefore, we need to set a date for a Special Meeting so we can give second and third readings to Bylaw No. 1591.

Section 194(1) allows a Council to call a special meeting whenever it is appropriate to do so.  

Attached are copies of the policies which were discussed and amended by the Policy Committee on March 6, 2012:

PER-4 Benefits
ADM-51 Distribution of County Grant Funds for Sports
ADM-75 Rural Addressing
ADM-77 Credit Cards
PW-78 Contracted Heavy Equipment
ADM-79 Political Party Contributions
ADM-80 Request for Street Lights
ADM-81 Council Remuneration and Compensation


The AGM of the shareholders of the Alberta Capital Finance Authority will be held on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.


We require a motion to appoint a designate to vote the shares on behalf of the County.


Bylaw No. 1593 is being presented to Council to Amend the Land Use Bylaw as it relates to rezoning the 2 lots in PSW 16-56-3-W4 from Agricultural to Industrial/Commercial.


The Land in Subject Property 1 has been used for Industrial/Commercial for many years.  The site is currently a service station and the owner wishes to put a liquor store on that site.


Subject Property 2 is also already being used for industrial/commercial purposes.  The owner wishes to add a bottle depot on site.


After first reading, the Bylaw must be advertised according to Section 606 of the M.G.A.  and a public hearing held according to Section 230 of the M.G.A.


The adjacent landowners will also be notified of the proposed rezoning.


We would also like Council to consider waiving the fees as these properties should have already been default zoned Industrial/Commercial based on the usage of the properties.

Bylaw No. 1594 is being presented to Council to Amend the Land Use Bylaw as it relates to rezoning the PSW 3-60-9-W4 from Agricultural to General Urban.

The landowner wishes to subdivide a 2.5 - 3 acre parcel.

After first reading, the Bylaw must be advertised according to Section 606 of the M.G.A.  and a public hearing held according to Section 230 of the M.G.A.

The adjacent landowners will also be notified of the proposed rezoning.

 Krystle Fedoretz will attend the Meeting to discuss this application with Council.

The St. Paul District Council is once again requesting if Council will host a Beef on a Bun for the District Show and Sale on Monday, June 4, 2012.

This is the same weekend as the FCM Conference in Saskatoon.

The St. Paul Pee Wee A Canadiens will be attending a Provincial Hockey Tournament inBarrhead from March 15 to 18, 2012.

The Mallaig Midgets will be attending a Provincial Hockey Tournament in Mellet also from March 15 to 18, 2012.

Attached are letters requesting financial assistance to help covers their travel expenses.

The St. Paul Legion purchased the lot east of their building and it has an old building on it.  They have hired Location to demolish the building and they would like to hire the county to haul the building away.  They will need some roll off bins and possibly a gravel truck.  They expect that it will take 1 day to demolish it and haul it away.


Dennis Bergheim will be in to discuss this request with Council.

The 2012 ARMAA Conference will be hosted by our Zone, which is Zone 5.  All municipalities in Zone 5 are being asked for $500 to help cover the conference expenses.

The Mallaig & District Senior Citizens Club received a CFEP Grant of $9,987 to replace the floor in the Senior Centre.  They project has been completed and they are now requesting assistance to fund their portion of the matching grant.

The Mallaig Ag Society needs to replace 35 tables in their hall.  They will cost $195 each for a total of $6,825.  They are requesting financial assistance to help offset the cost of these tables.

The AA Roundup Committee will be celebrating 50 years of Alcoholics Anonymous in District 3 on the weekend of April 20 - 22, 2012.  They committee is requesting Reeve Upham's attendance at the Banquet on Saturday evening in Bonnyville.

Attached is the 2011 Ashmont Fire Department Annual Report.

The Ferguson Flats Association is requesting that the County of St. Paul designate Fern Chapel as a municipal historic site under the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program.


We will have more information on the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program at the meeting on Tuesday.

Eight tenders for the Ashmont/Lottie Lake Water Line were opened on March 9 at 2:00 p.m. by Sheila Kitz along with Matt Brassard of Urban Systems and Darlene Smereka, Finance Officer.  Urban Systems is reviewing the tenders and will advise us on Monday who the tender will be awarded to.