County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

Further to Matt Brassard's presentation to Council on March 26 meeting, regarding transferring water from the Ashmont Water Treatment Plant to Lottie Lake prior to the new water treatment plant being built, we have had to do several scope changes to the Transmission Line project to accommodate the pumping of water.  As such, Administration is bringing forth Scope Change #6 once again, as this was a project that was not considered in the Transmission Line portion of the project, but that would be required in the Water Treatment Plant phase - therefore is not an additional cost to the project overall.  This scope change is for the controls, computers, and alarm systems at both Water Treatment Plants.  The increase to the project at this point is $49,854.20. 

Please note that this additional expense forms part of the 2013 budget and does not exceed the approved amount of money for the overall project.

Allan Tkachyk applied for a licence to occupy the undeveloped road allowance situated between SE 17-59-11-W4 and SW 16-59-11-W4 for the sole purpose of grazing livestock.


Council gave 1st reading to this Bylaw at the March Council Meeting.


The proposed bylaw was advertised in the St. Paul Journal the week of March 26, 2013.  The fourteen day appeal period will be over on Council meeting day - April 9th.  To date administration has not heard from anyone in opposition to the proposed road closure.


At the March Meeting, Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 2013-05, Community Aggregate Levy Bylaw.


Following the discussions with the pit owners and landowners on March 26th, Council to decide how they wish to proceed with the bylaw. 


We have heard from one of the Pit Owners/Operators who says they would not continue to be opposed to the Bylaw if it did not adversely affect ratepayers who purchased gravel for their own use in the County, but would be applicable only to gravel leaving the County.  In consultation with Municipal Affairs, this is not the intent of the legislation that allow this, however under section 347 of the MGA, Council can cancel a tax.  Municipal Affairs recommended that any consideration of this type of exemption should be by policy.  Would Council be open to the levy being applied only to the gravel leaving the County of St. Paul?  If so, then Administration would work towards establishment of the policy required to exempt local use of gravel from private pits.


At the February Council Meeting, Council was presented with a letter from an adjacent landowner who is interested in purchasing the Armistice Hall property.  Council made a motion to table a decision on how to proceed with the Armistice Hall pending more information on the parcel of land, including size, set backs and market value. 


The property is .72 acres and there would be sufficient room for setbacks if a home was built on it.  However, if we ever had to build the road, in order to have a 30 metre right-of-way, we would require an additional 5 metres along the front of the property reducing the size of the acreage to .62 of an acre.  See map attached.


In some cases, prior to the sale of a property that had a hall on it, Council directed Administration to have the hall demolished.

At the March Meeting, Council gave 1st reading to Bylaw No. 2013-07, which is a bylaw to rezone PNE 35-58-10-W4 from Agricultural to one lot of Industrial Commercial and 3 lots of Country Residential 2.


Bylaw No. 2013-07 was advertised in the St. Paul Journal the weeks of March 26th and April 2nd and the adjacent landowners were notified.


Krystle Fedoretz will attend this Public Hearing.

The AAMD&C has requested a meeting with Council for the regular visit.  Gerald Rhodes, Bob Barss and Soren Odegard will attend the meeting.  The AAMD&C tries to visit each member on a three year rotation.  The meetings are generally a 1-hour round-table discussion with no formal agenda.


We will bring lunch in.

Shawn Warrington, auditor with Synergy Chartered Accountants will be in to present the County's financial statements for the period ending December 31, 2012.

The RUSA Executive meetings will be held April 18 & 19, 2013 in Red Deer.

The LICA AGM will be held April 25 in Bonnyville.  A meet and greet will be followed by dinner and then guest speaker, the Honourable Diana McQueen, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resources.  The AGM will follow at 7:30 p.m.

EDA's Economic Development for Elected Official's course will be held in Strathcona County on April 26th.  Registration is $325 per person. 

The 2013 GFOA Conference will be held May 5-8, 2013, 2011 in Jasper.  Registration for the conference is $650.

The NSWA AGM will be held June 26th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in St. Albert.  the theme this year is Sub Watershed Management.

Check out the News & Events section on their website -
If Council is interested in becoming a sponsor at their AGM, these opportunities are available:

        Morning Continental Breakfast - $300

        Nutritional Break (2) - $250 each

        Lunch - $600

        Venue Rental - $759


Based on the results of the budget meetings, Administration is requesting approval of the 2013 Operating and Capital Budget as attached.  A detailed budget will be available for download on the County's website following the Council meeting.


Section 242(1) of the M.G.A. states that a council must adopt an operating budget for each calendar year.


An updated copy of the budget will be presented at the meeting. 

Bylaw No. 2013-08 is being presented to Council to approve the Mill Rates for the 2013 taxation year.


Section 187 of the M.G.A. states that all Bylaws must have 3 distinct and separate readings.

Following the discussions at the Budget meetings which included approval for the construction of two new fire halls, administration sent a letter to READ Contracting Ltd. from Camrose awarding the contract for the Ashmont and Mallaig Fire Halls and acknowledging the proposed costs savings. The letter awarding the tender had to be sent out as the tender documents stated that the price would only be honored until the end of March.  A copy of the letter is attached.

"Host Annual Meeting" appears as the first action under Goal 1 of the 2013 Strategic Plan.  If Council decides to hold an Annual Meeting and have the auditors in attendance, it would have to be held between May 1-9 as Shawn Warrington will be busy with tax season until the end of April and then will be on vacation starting May 10th. 

The owner of Lots 1-7, Block 3, Plan 1005EO in Mallaig is requesting to cancel the lane lying within Block 3 so it can be purchased at market value and consolidated into Lots 5, 6 & 7.  This will be done at no cost to the County. 


After first reading, a public hearing will be held and then the bylaw must be approved by the Minister of Transportation before being presented for second and third reading.


Section 24 of the MGA allows Council to close a road described in a surveyed road plan when it is no longer required for use by the travelling public owing to the existence of an alternate route.



Bylaw No. 2013-10 is being presented the Council for discussion and approval. 


The revised copy will be provided at the meeting.

Bylaw No. 2013-11 is being presented to Council for discussion and approval.


The updated copy of the Bylaw will be provided to Council at Tuesday's meeting.

The AGM of the shareholders of the Alberta Capital Finance Authority will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.


We require a motion to appoint a designate to vote the shares on behalf of the County.


There have been changes to the Local Authorities Election Act for the fall election (see attachment).  Voter Identification and Eligibility requires a person to provide proof of identity and current residence in order to vote, unless the elected authority prepares a list of electors and the person’s name appears on the list. The basic requirement consists of a single piece of identification that includes the person’s name and current address.


Elected authorities have the option, by bylaw, to expand on the types of identification that the returning officer can accept for purposes of satisfying the basic requirement.  Minister of Municipal Affairs Doug Griffiths has recently passed Ministerial Order 011/13 which states that the timeline for passing a bylaw in respect of identification requirements would be shortened.   For elections held before December 31, 2013 a bylaw may be passed four months prior to nomination day rather than the six months stated in the Local Authorities Election Act.


As per FAQ Number 4 on the attachment, an elected authority can change the kinds of identification to be used by voters to provide eligibility, at their option by:

- expanding on the list of types of identification that the returning officer can accept for purposes of the basic identification requirement

- requiring more than the basic requirement of one piece of identification

- specifying the types of identification that the returning officer can accept for purposes of the additional identification that the elected authority requires to verify name and current address or age of an elector.


The Northern Lights Library System 21st Annual Conference "Growing Stronger Together" will be held September 19 to 21, 2013 in Elk Point.  They are looking for donations for their conference in the form of cash or donations.


In the past, Council donated an item to be used as a door prize for this conference.




We have received a request from the St. Paul Lions Football Club for sponsorship for attending Provincials for the 2012 season.


We have also received a letter from Mallaig School for sponsorship for hosting Provincial Team Handball from April 25-27, 2013.


We have received a request from Heritage Lodge Auxiliary for financial support to jointly fund a garage to store the Handibus.  They have received quotes of $24,780 and $26,880 to build the garage and the lodge is willing to budget $5,000 towards this project. 

The regular scheduled date for the July Council meeting conflicts with the Provincial ASB Tour.


Section 193(3) of the Municipal Government Act allows a council to change the date of a regularly scheduled meeting, providing the municipality gives at least 24 hours notice of the change to any Councillors not present at the meeting and to the public.

The St. Paul Ambulance board is looking for new office space for 2 staff members.  We received a quote of $6,000 to develop an office in the south storage room across from the FCSS meeting room.  The work would be done by a public works employee.


Council to decide if they want to develop the office space and rent it to the Ambulance staff and if so how much will we charge for rent.  We currently charge HUB $400 a month for rent.

Following the meeting with Transportation at the Spring Convention, attached is a follow up letter which outlines the need for an overlay on the County portion of the Murphy Road and stating that the County strongly feels that the road should be under Provincial jurisdiction. 

The Town of Elk Point and County have been offered to purchase the Elk Point Airport from the province for $1 – they would like an answer from the municipalities by the middle of April.  Council would like Administration to draft a letter to the Minister of Transportation requesting a time extension regarding the deadline to make a decision on this important matter.


Letter will be provided to Council at the meeting on Tuesday.

Items to be presented at the meeting.