County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In Camera item to be presented at the Meeting.

In Camera

At the November Meeting, Council heard from a Lot owner at Lac Sante who wanted to build a retaining wall and do some landscaping along with east side of their property, which would encorach onto Lot 10ER, Block 1, Plan 8121812.  The delegation was uncertain where her property line was


Council advised the delegation to obtain a real property report to determine where their property lines are and bring their findings back to the Planning department.  A copy of the Real Property Report is attached.  


We received an email from Elk Point Minor Hockey requesting a letter of support to accompany their bid application to host the Midget "D" Hockey Provincials.  The turnaround time on the request was quick.   A copy of the letter of support to Hockey Alberta is attached.  Note:  Elk Point was successful with their application to host, so we will be forwarding $1000 as per policy ADM-51.


We also received a request from the Mallaig Ag Society for a letter of support to accompany their CFEP Grant application for funding for alterations to their curling rink.  They are planning to add youth curling lockers, install a stair lift and modernize and expand the lounge area.  The total estimated project is $189,704 and they are requesting a CFEP grant of $98,284.  A copy of the letter of support for the Mallaig Ag Society is attached. 

*Following the last meeting, County administration received requests for some minor wording changes related to the termination of the agreements. 

The County, Town of St. Paul, Town of Elk Point, and Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay have been participating jointly in providing emergency management and occupational health and safety services to the region following the receipt of two Alberta Community Partnership Grants. Now that these grants are completed or nearing completion, administration is proposing a cost-sharing agreement that sets out each municipality's responsibilities moving forward. 

Attached is the Parks and Recreation Agreement between the County and Town of St. Paul which was finalized on December 20, 2016. The payment will be $300,000 in 2017. At this time, the parties have elected to sign a one year agreement. 

Lemalu Holdings Ltd, referred to as MCSNet is requesting to renew their lease for the 10' x 10' property described as Lot 1U, Block 6, Plan 7920741 in NE 33-58-11-W4, for a communications tower.  The agreement is for a ten year term commencing January 1, 2017.  They County has a 12 month termination clause and the Lessee may terminate by providing 60 days written notice.  

The Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) provides financial assistance to rural and smaller urban municipalities for developing and maintaining key transportation infrastructure. STIP supports municipalities as they complete projects that improve accessibility and the movement of goods to market, increase opportunities for economic growth and enhance safety and efficiency while extending the life of key transportation infrastructure. 

There are four components within STIP:

1) Local Road Bridge Program

2) Resource Road Program

3) Community Airport Program

4) Local Municipal Initiative

Applications are due February 3rd, 2017 for funding in the 2017-2018 fiscal year. 

The Electoral Boundaries Commission will be reviewing the boundaries and names of the 87 electoral constituencies in the province, in accordance with legal requirements.  We have the opportunity to participate by preparing a written submision or by making a presentation at a public hearing.  


Deadline for written submissions is February 8, 2017.  


A Public Hearing has been scheduled for January 23 at 1:00 p.m. in St. Paul.  In order to present at the meeting, we must register by January 17th.   

The Annual Growing Rural Tourism Conference will be held February 13-15, 2017 in Camrose.  Councillor Dach has expressed interest in attending as it pertains to his Alberta's Lakeland and Kalyna Country Committees.  This conference conflicts with the February 14th Council Meeting.  


The Agenda for the Conference can be viewed online at  Registration for the Conference is $310 before January 19th.

The 2017 Annual EDA Conference will be held March 22-24 in Banff.  Registration for the Conference is $535.50 until January 15th and $593.25 after January 15th.  Reeve Upham and Councillor Dach have expressed interest in attending this conference.


The agenda for the conference can be viewed at:

Section 418 of the M.G.A. requires Council to offer for sale at a public auction any parcel of land shown on its tax arrears list if the tax arrears are not paid.


Section 421(1)(a) of the M.G.A. states that the properties must be advertised for sale in the Alberta Gazette not less than 40 days and not more than 90 days and in the local newspaper not less than 10 days and not more that 20 days prior to the date on which the public auction is to be held. 


The date for the Public Auction of Lands for 2017 should be set for May 9 at 11:00 a.m.

A rezoning application is being presented to Council to rezone 28.66 acres in Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 7620647 in SW 7-58-9-W4.  The landowner wishes to rezone the property to Country Residential One as it is in a desirable area for acreage owners.  Their son would like to build a home on one parcel. 


The land is within the Town of St. Paul and County of St. Paul Inter-Municipal Development Plan.  

If Council considers the request to rezone the property

  • the landowner will be required to prepare an area structure plan as per Bylaw No. 2013-51 - Municipal Development Plan, Section 2.2, Item 14.  
  • Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50 will require an amendment to rezone the property from Agriculture to Country Residential One and Inter Municipal Development Plan No. 1563 will require an amendment to rezone the property from Urban Reserve to Country Residential.  
  • the Bylaws must then be advertised according to Section 606 of the M.G.A. and a public hearing held according to section 230 of the M.G.A.
  • the adjacent landowners will be notified of the proposed rezoning
  • the applicant will be required to hold a public consultation prior to the public hearing being held
  • the Town of St. Paul will have to agree to the amendment of the IDP as well. 

Road Plan 4016BM in SE 29-55-8-W4 is being presented to Council for cancellation as it is no longer required.  The area to be cancelled is highlighted in purple.  This is part of the old list of road cancellations being done as part of the cleanup.


Section 24 of the M.G.A. allows Council to close and cancel any part of a road described in a surveyed road plan if it is no longer required for use by the travelling public owing to the existence of an alternate route.

Larry Bazian applied for a licence agreement in 2014 for the undeveloped road allowance between NW 13 and NE 14-56-5-W4 but there was a typo on the legal descriiption on the agreement - the NW and NE were inverted.  The typo was discovered when Dennis was cleaning up his files and passing this duty on.  In order to correct the error, we need to go through the whole process again to approve the new licence agreement.  


After first reading the bylaw must be advertised and then brought back for second and third reading.  

Dale Stark is requresting permission to clear small brush and deadfall on the unleased portion of the undeveloped road allowance between NE 22-57-10-W4 and NW 23-57-10-W4.  They want to clear the area so they can access the lake with their snow machines and they will be able to do so without crossing through private fields.  

John Holly is requesting further compensation for his 3.29 acres of land, for the 8 years while he was negotiating the sale of land to the County.  He is suggesting that the County compensate him a minimum of $2,200 per year from October, 2017 when the negotiations began to March, 2015 when the agreement was completed.  In 2015 Mr. Holley signed an Agreement with the County to Acquire Road Right of Way and he was compensated for the land which included the existing road.   

Motion to approve Councillor Amyotte to attend the Seed Plant Convention from January 11-13 in Edmonton.

Motion to approve Keith Kornelson and Warren Leister to attend the PVMA Conference from February 28 to March 2 in Edmonton. 





A listing of Accounts Payable for the month of December, 2017 will be provided for Council's review.