County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In Camera item to be presented.

In Camera

At the July 12 Council Meeting, Council gave first and second reading to Bylaw No. 2016-14, Speed Control Bylaw, which included an amendment to install white speed limit signs to slow traffic by the curves in SE 2-59-10-W4 and SW 1-59-10-W4 along Twp Rd 590.  The Bylaw did not receive unanimous consent to proceed to third reading.  The bylaw is now being brought back for third reading and now does not require unanimous consent for approval. 


Item 3.4 in Bylaw No. 2016-14 describes that section of road.

  • No person shall operate a vehicle at a greater rate of speed than sixty kilometres per hour (60 km/hr) on Township Road 590, beginning 400 metres east of Range Road 101, going west for a total distance of 900 metres.

At the July Meeting, Council passed a motion to have our legal Counsel draft an encroachment agreement to allow the deck and steps to remain on the Environmental Reserve in front of Lot 7, Block 1, Plan 8020711. 


The Encroachment Licence is attached for Council's review.  Legal Council has also provided a legal opinion which will be discussed in camera prior to this agenda item.

S/Sgt. Lee Brachmann will be in to provide a Statistical Update.

The NLLS Annual Conference, Libraries Reborn 2016, will be held September 16 in Elk Point.  We are looking for a motion to approve Councillors Amyotte, Dach and Fodness to attend the conference.

The Canadian Fire Chief's Association Conference will be held September 25-28, 2016 in St. John's, NB.  Councillor Dach has expressed interest in attending this conference.  It is being presented to Council as it does not fall within the scope of Policy HR-8.


Information about the conference can be viewed on  Registration for the Conference is $850.00. 

The 2016 Alberta Recreation & Parks Association Conference and Workshop will be held October 20-22, 2016 in Jasper.  Councillor Dach is interested n attending the conference as it relates to several of the committees he sits on.  Registration for the Conference is $725.  Information for the conference can be viewed at


This request is also before Council as it does not fall within the scope of policy. 

Attached is a sponsorship request for the Youth Men's and Women's Alberta Team Handball for funding to help offset the expenses of attending Western Canadian Championships in Regina and international Tournaments in Germany and Iceland.  Six girls and two boys from the Mallaig High School Handball team play on the Alberta Handball teams. 


This request is being brought before Council, as it does not fall within the scope of Policy ADM-51. 


In 2011 Council denied a request for funding to attend an International Team Handball tournament in Japan. 

The St. Paul Archery Club is moving to a permanent facility located in downtown St. Paul with 20 lanes and an 18 meter FITA range.  They have close to 100 members and are expecting to grow now that their facility will be open 4 nights a week.  They are looking for donations.  They have various levels of advertising available ranging from $50 to $1400 for a two to four year term.  The advertising options are outlined in the attached letter.

We have interest from 3 groups to clean up after the Rodeo performances this year along with a group chosen by the Town of St. Paul, in order to secure the proceeds from the rodeo supper next year:

  • Inclusion St. Paul
  • Mallaig School's Quebec Trip
  • Mallaig TOPS

A copy of Policy ADM-46, Rodeo Supper Funds Policy, is attached.  As per policy, none of the groups have applied for funding in the past three years.  The policy states that the successful group will be determined by Council.

The Town of St. Paul FCSS Department was charged for the use of the Co-op Community Connector Trailer which they utilized for their Block party.  They are requesting a refund, as the Block Party was an FCSS event which served the Town of St. Paul and surrounding areas. 

The Town of St. Paul had invoiced the County FCSS to use Reunion Station for a movie in the park, however when we inquired about the invoice, they waived it. 

The CAO's from both the Town and County met regarding the charges identified above.  It was discussed that each municipality needed to invoice the other based on their Fee Schedules set by Council, therefore in order to be working together regionally each Administration will need to bring the request to waive fees to their Council or amend their Fee Schedule bylaws to allow for discretion of waiving fees for neighbouring municipalities.

The Town of St. Paul is considering a team building event similar to what the County had with a camping weekend, next year on the weekend before the May long weekend.  They are asking permission to use the campground before it is open to the public. 

The Town of Elk Point has adopted an alcohol policy for all Town owned/operated buildings which will apply to the Elk Point Fire Hall.  The policy was discussed at the Elk Point Fire Meeting on August 3 and supported by the Fire Committee and Deputy Fire Chief.  As we jointly own the building, they are requesting Council's support on the policy as it relates to the Elk Point Fire Hall. 


A copy of the policy is attached.

The Joint Operations Agreement with the Town of Elk Point was approved by the Elk Point Airport Committee on August 3.  The Agreement is now  is being presented to Council for approval.

At the July 26 Public Works Meeting, the following tenders for gravel crushing and stockpiling for the Richland Road and Pit were opened in the presence of Council:

JMB Crushing Systems$1,389,500.00
R Bee Crushing$1,491,000.00
Burnco Rock Products Ltd.$1,547,500.00
D-Ray Construction Ltd.$1,572,500.00
Knelsen Sand and Gravel Ltd.$1,652,000.00
Hopkins Construction Ltd.$1,669,000.00
Lone Pine Crushing Ltd.$1,702,778.50
Mixcor Aggregates Inc.$1,811,000.00
McNabb Construction Ltd.$1,826,500.00
Barsi Enterprises Ltd.$1,835,500.00
Associated Aggregates Inc.$1,931,000.00
Stone Valley Contracting Inc.$1,937,500.00
Wapiti Gavel Suppliers Ltd.$1,948,500.00


Public works reviewed the tender packages to ensure they contained the bid bonds, insurance and met the minimum requirements.

Further to the discussions at the August 23, Public Works Meeting, attached are two quotes for a Trackhoe for Road Construction. The purchase of this piece of equipment was not included in the 2016 Capital Budget.  Funding for this purchase would have to be from 2016 budgeted surplus, or from Unrestricted Surplus.

2014 - $252,000

2015 - $312,000

Public works has the 2014 model on demo.  It has the same options and the 2015 and has $10,000 in additional equipment.  It presently has 956 hours on it.  The purchase price includes 5 year/5000 hour full machine warranty.

The contract with Helen Chapdelaine/Westcove Kennels expires on August 31, 2016.  Two kennels have been set up at the Public Works shop, so we have been housing the stray dogs there.  Therefore, administration feels there is no need to renew the contract with Westcove Kennels as we are able to take care of it inhouse.

Dale Connor is applying for a licence agreement for 1/2 mile of undeveloped road allowance located between SW 7-58-10-W4 and SE 12-58-11-W4 (highlighted in yellow).  The road allowance leads to his residence and people have been dumping garbage along the road allowance so he wants to put an unlocked gate in an attempt to deter traffic from travelling down that road.  The adjacent landowner signed the consent on the application form and has paid the application fee.  Pictures of the road allowance are attached. 


The County, under Section 18 of the M.G.A. has the direction, control and management of all roads within the municipality. Under Section 16 of the Highway Traffic Act, a municipality may grant a licence for the use of a road allowance.


After first reading the bylaw must be advertised.

The owner of Lot 12, Block 5, Plan 4223MC at Floatingstone, is requesting to enter into an encroachment agreement for the shed on the north west corner of his property encroaching on the ER and a shed on the south west corner of his property encroaching on the road.