County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In Camera item to be presented at the meeting. 

In Camera

Donna-Gayle Hatherly and Richard Marchenko will be in to make a presentation to Council regarding Twp Rd 584 West of Rge Rd 95, Garneau Road.  


Background - 

At the April 11, 2017 Council meeting, Council was presented with a letter from Tina Henderson regarding the condition of TWP Rd 584 west of Range Road 95, Schedule "A" attached.  At that meeting, Council made a motion "to table the request from Tina Henderson for improvements to Township Road 584 west of Range Road 95, until later during the construction season, as time, weather and budget permits, as the oiling and construction schedules are determined months in advance in conjunction with preliminary budget deliberations".


The Annual Law Seminars sponsored by Brownlee LLP and RMRF will be held February 15 & 16, 2018 in Edmonton.  Registration for both seminars is $269.  We are looking for approval for Kaitlyn Kenney to attend.  


The 2018 Public Library Symposium entitled "Public Libraries: We're Only Human" will be held February 23 and 24, 2018 in Edmonton.  The Public Library Services Branch is hosting the symposium in partnership with the Alberta Library Trustees' Association.  There is no registration fee for the Symposium.  Councillor Fodness has expressed interest in attending this symposium as she sits as a member on the St. Paul Municipal Library Board and is the alternate on the NLLS.  


The Annual Alberta Library Conference will be held April 26 - 28, 2018 in Jasper.  Registration for the conference is $275.  Councillor Fodness has expressed interest in attending the conference as it pertains to her St. Paul Municipal Library Board Committee and alternate on the NLLS and Councillor Amyotte as it pertains to the Northern Lights Library Board. 


Betty Way, secretary for the County Library Board, will be attending as per policy HR-8.


More information is available at


The Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor Local to Global Forum will be held March 7-9 in Vermilion.  The forum is a major EATC initiative joint partnership between Alberta HUB and two other regional economic development alliances in eastern Alberta - the BRAED and PEP.  Registration for the Forum is $95.  Councillor Amyotte is the alternate on Alberta HUB and has requested to attend this Forum. 


The Village of Glendon is holding their Pyrogy Bonspiel on Saturday, March 10th.  The entry fee is $125 per team.  In the past, we have sponsored two teams for this Bonspiel.


At the June, 2017 Meeting, Council received a request from the Ashmont Legion for funding to assist with their renovations.  The request was tabled and they were requested to provide quotes.


At the July Council meeting, they presented the following quote for the project:

ProVision RenovationsWashroom Upgrades$14,520.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsProject 1 - Main Hall & Stage Area$  7,325.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsProject 2 - Repair Old Bar Area$  3,195.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsPro. 3 - Left Hallway, Drop Ceiling, Kitchen$  4,466.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsProject 4 - Front Entry & New Flooring$  1,230.00
Murray Ladd RenovatorsProject 5 - Upgrade Front Porch$  3,225.00
Evergreen StationersChairs - 120 $ $85$10,200.00
Vern's StuccoBoarding & Reparging$  2,700.00
GJC Interior FinishingPrime & Paint$  9,912.00

and informed Council that they had applied for a Community Initiatives Program grant and were waiting to hear if their application was successful.  Council tabled the request until the Ashmont Legion finds out if they were successful with their application.


The Ashmont Legion has been informed that their CIP grant for $25,000 was approved.  Their have provided updated costs for the project totaling $64,402.10.  They are requesting $25,000 to assist in completing the project.  Funding for this project was allocated in the 2017 budget and has been moved into the 2018 budget.

The CAP Committee is celebrating it's 35th Anniversary on Saturday, April 14 at the St. Paul Rec Centre and are requesting if the County will purchase a table of 8 for $350 and provide a donation to be used for the Silent Auction.  


They are also requesting the Reeve or Alternate to bring greetings on behalf of the County.


The St. Paul & District Hospital Foundation will be holding their annual fundraising event on March 3, 2018.  This year they are raising funds for Bariatric Bed, Ultrasound Probe Cleaning Equipment, Holter Monitor Software and Bladder Scanner


They are looking for support for their fundraiser by way of a donation for their live/silent auction and/or purchase a table of eight for $480.


Since 2012 Council purchased a table of 8 or made a cash donation equal to the price of the table and donated a silent auction item for the Hospital Foundation Fundraiser.

We have received a request from the U16 Rivercity Hornets softball team for sponsorship or items to be used for a Silent Auction fundraiser in March.  The team is based out of Edmonton with athletes from around Western Canada.  One of the athletes on the U16 team is a County of St. Paul resident.  


As this request falls outside of policy, it be being presented to Council for consideration.  


The 2018 Alberta Winter Games will be held in Fort McMurray on February 16-19 represented by athletes from 8 different zones.  We are in Zone 7 which stretches from Fort McMurray to Provost.  Tryouts for the boys Volleyball team were held in St. Paul on November 5 with 35 boys trying out.  The girls tryouts were held on November 19 in Bonnyville with 80 girls trying out.  Eight of the twelve players selected for the boys volleyball team and 5 of the 12 players selected for the girls team reside in the County of St. Paul.  


Attached are requests for financial assistance from both the boys and girls volleyball teams to help offset their costs.  As this request falls outside of policy, it is being presented to Council for consideration.


In 2012, Council provided $500 for the St. Paul Pee Wee A Canadiens Hockey team who won the Winter Games Zone playoff tournament earning them a spot in the Alberta Winter Games tournament. 

A resident is requesting a refund of the penalties she paid on her property taxes.  At the beginning of June 2017, she applied to subdivide the SW 34-57-9-W4 and she was informed that her property taxes had to be paid in full prior to subdivision.  She was given the total of the taxes owing on the property being subdivided, which she paid.  She thought she was paying the taxes on all her properties - she owns 5 other properties.  In January she received a statement indicating the taxes on her other five properties were outstanding.  She has since paid the taxes.  Penalties total $80.98.  


Policy ADM-107 states that penalties or interest not meeting any of the criteria in the policy may be waived under extraordinary circumstances.  Residents may make a request to Council to waive the penalties or interest.  

Further to direction from the November 27, 2017 Public Works Meeting, Administration advertised for members at large to fill the 2 vacant positions on the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB).  


We received three applications - Leigh Babcock, Connie Currey and Desiree Maas.  


The two members-at-large currently on the SDAB are Tom Kurek and Eleanor Zimmerman.


After the November Public Works Meeting, we were still short one member at large for the Regional Assessment Review Board (ARB).  James Szpajcher, resident of Division 3, has expressed interest in serving on the Board.


The owner of Lot 1B, Block 5, Plan 1026645 at Vincent Lake is requesting the installation of a street light on an existing power pole in front of his property.  The circle on the attached map indicates the location of the power pole.  The adjacent homeowners have signed the letter indicating that they have no objections to the installation of the street light.  There are two other street lights along this road.  


Attached is the new Fire Protection Agreement with the Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay.  It has been approved by the Summer Village and is being presented to Council for approval.  


At the January 23 Public Works Meeting, staff brought forward information regarding JD Mollard, Geoscientist, who can do a desktop survey of the County of determine location of gravel.  


Council tabled the request for more information.


Public Works spoke with Mountain View County and they gave a positive review of the work performed by JD Mollard.  They will be contacting other municipalities for references prior to Tuesday's Council meeting. 


JD Mollard quoted $9500 to do a desktop survey of Divisions 5 & 6 which does not include the EM conductivity testing in the field at this time.  We can keep the aerial photos.  

We have a request from a resident for permission to install a Texas gate on range road 104 north of highway 28.  The road is a no exit road with very little traffic, most of which is traffic from their farm. 


On January 19, the Land Titles Office rejected the registration of the attached plan due to the wording of Bylaw 2017-20.  Bylaw No. 2018-02 is now being presented to amend Bylaw 2017-20 to reflect wording acceptable to Land Titles.  


On February 5, Krystle Fedoretz spoke with a Municipal Accountability Advisor with Municipal Affairs and she has advised that Section 692(6) of the MGA applies to this amendment, therefore a public hearing and public notification is not required.   


The amendments to the Bylaw are in red:

All that the portion of the Environmental Reserve designation of Lot 10ER, Block 1, Plan 8121812 displayed on the attached plan as shown upon Plan 182____  forming part of this Bylaw is hereby cancelled.  


The residents of the Waterton Subdivision have decided not to form an association and the gates have been removed.  The residents are requesting if the County will re-instate the MR designation on Lot 27, Block 1, Plan 8021891 - the lot the County owns.  

Background on removal of the MR designation -  

  • The parcel was originally Lot 27MR when the subdivision was developed in 1980.
  • On September 20, 2002, it was brought to Council by the local councillor that this lot should be sold and someone could build on it, increasing residents living there which could possibly decrease the vandalism that had been occurring.
  • At the November 12, 2002 Council meeting a motion was made that administration check into registering a restricted covenant with a condition that  a house is to be built within a certain amount of time.
  • At the December 10, 2002 Council meeting, a motion was made to begin the process of removing the Reserve designation status.
  • On February 6, 2003 the County of St. Paul received a new title with the reserve designation cancelled and describing it as Lot 27, Block 1, Plan 8021891

Additional Information - 

  • Records indicate that there is a water well on this property.
  • This property was never advertised for sale and is included on the list of County properties not to sell.

Councillor Fodness attended the Play "150 Years Canada Yesterday, Today and tomorrow" produced by the St. Paul and District Arts Foundation and they gave her a video of the play.  Since the County contributed funds, the video is available for anyone who would like to view it.


The Town and County are hosting an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) workshop on April 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m..  The workshop will be given by Municipal Affairs at the Rec Centre frrom 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.; lunch will be provided.  This workshop is for Elected Officials, CAOs, planners and other relevant staff. 

  • We require an RSVP.

Landfill Operations Basics Course, offered by Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA),  will be held May 7 & 8 in Edmonton.  This introductory course provides an overview of landfill operations, how they relate to one another and basic health and safety issues.  

  • Motion for Tim Mahdiuk and Warren Leister to attend.






A copy of the budget to actual will be presented to Council for review.

A listing of Accounts Payable will be provided for Council's review.

Council fees for the past month will be circulated for review.