County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

In camera items to be presented at the meeting.

The regular scheduled date for the September Council Meeting conflicts with the Economic Developers Association of Canada Conference in Whitehorse.  Reeve Upham and Councillor Dach will be attending the conference.


Section 193(3) of the MGA allows a Council to change the date of a regularly scheduled meeting.

Alberta C.A.R.E. will be holding their 16th Annual Recycling Conference from September 9 - 11, 2015 in Whitecourt.  As per the recommendation of the Evergreen Commission, Reeve Upham has expressed interest in attending the conference.  Registration for the conference is $350.

The Town of High River has partnered with the Field Innovation Team to develop a two day workshop designed to develop creative strategies on how to mange and capitalize on the generosity of spontaneous volunteers following a disaster.  The goal of the workshop is to develop a framework with strategies that can be used in communities across the province to help coordinate and organize spontaneous volunteers.


The two day workshop will consist of a do-tank and exercise simulation based on a meteorite strike that has affected High River.  Each participant will be assigned different roles during the simulation to better understand the complexities of the issue and then work in small teams to brianstorm creative ways to incorporate spontaneous volunteers into an effective response and recovery.


The workshop will be held September 29 and 30 in High River and the County of St. Paul has been invited to send 2 participants.

The 2015 Grey Matters Conference will be held September 29 & 30, 2015 in Drumheller.  Councillor Dach would like to attend as it pertains to the FCSS committee and MD Foundation Board.  More information on the conference can be viewed at    Registration is $240.

Jubilee Insurance is hosting Jubilee RiskPro Module 8 - "Identifying your exposures and Assessing your Risks" to assist members to learn to identify their exposures and assess their risks and those of their Additional Named Insureds.  The goal of the workshop is to implement a Risk Management Program.  The workshop will be held October 1 in Nisku.

The Alberta Recreation & Parks Association Conference is scheduled for October 22-24, 2015 in Lake Louise.  Councillor Dach, has expressed interest in attending as he sits on the Parks and Rec Board and Alberta's Lakeland.  Ken Warholik and Tim Mahdiuk - Parks Managers, have have also expressed interest in attending the conference.  Tim has been approved by the St. Paul Rec Board to attend so the board will pay his expenses.


Information about the ARPA conference can be viewed at  Registration before September 26th is $575.

The Smart City Alliance was created as a multi-sector partnership focusing on supporting and collaborating with Alberta Municipalities to solve complex challenges they face, in addition to fostering greater adoption of smart city solutions.  The City of St. Albert is one of the founders of the Smart City Alliance and they are inviting Council to become a member, take a short survey and attend upcoming events.  There are no membership fees and the Alliance is focused on the needs of all municipalities.


Upcoming events include Sept. 22 - "Building Smart and Innovative Communities" pre-convention session at AUMA convention and April 12 & 13 "2015 Alberta Smart City Symposium" in Banff.  More information can be viewed at  Registration for the Symposium is $249 before January 20, 2016.

The Two Hills Fire and Rescue will be holding a fundraiser on November 14th to raise funds for the purchase of an emergency equipped side by side unit which they will use when responding to quadding, dirt biking and side by side incidents.


They are requesting a silent auction item for their fundraiser.  In the past, Council has approved silent auction/door prizes to organizations outside of our municipality - Spedden Fish & Game, Derwent Ag Society, Stry.

Coyote Country was originally created by a Bonnyville resident to capture his family's outdoor adventures on video and share with family.  They submitted a video to "The Search" - a TV show series where anyone from across North America can submit their hunting and fishing video footage which can then potentially be aired on their show - and they were chosen as the Canadian winners.  Coyote Country now has free airtime on the Canadian television network called "Wild TV" for one season so they are looking for sponsorship to cover their production costs.  The levels of sponsorship are outlined in the attached letter.

We have received a request from Raylene Allen for a donation towards the Athlete program at Concordia University.  She is attending University at Concordia and will be playing on the volleyball team.  She is looking for sponsorship to help offset costs.

Shannon Millhouse is requesting that Council reduce the tipping charge from her August 27, 2014 invoice for a roll off bin.  She was charged $220 for pickup and delivery of the bin, $720 for tipping fees and $20 for Freon Removal, $960 total.  The tippage fee was calculated at 3600 kgs @ $200/1000 kgs, which is the mixed load rate charged by Evergreen when they have to sort through the debris in the bin.


She feels that she should only have been charged $600 total, that she was overcharged on tipping fees.  In her letter she states that they used the bin for yard cleanup which included branches, an old fridge, a couch and other miscellaneous items.  She is requesting that Council consider cancelling the balance of the invoice being $360 (plus penalties of $63.57).


Upon review of the agreement for rental of a roll off bin, it appears that there is no specific indication of of what is permitted or considered a mixed load.  Residents were usually informed verbally regarding the guidelines for disposal of waste in these bins.  However, we cannot or confirm or deny whether they received this instruction.  Based on this, administration will amend the agreement to provide written clarification to residents regarding waste and increased costs for mixed loads.

The Holy Cross Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Boyne Lake will be applying for a grant through the Community Initiatives Program to put up a fence around the cemetery.  They are requesting a letter of support to accompany their grant application.

The owner of Lot 19, Block 1, Plan 7922036 in Schmidt Court at Floatingstone is requesting the installation of a street light on an existing power pole at the end of the road.  The green circle indicates the location of the power pole.  All of the homeowners in the subdivision have signed the letter indicating that they have no objections to the installation of the street light.

The following Sand and Gravel Agreement is being presented to Council for renewal effective August 21, 2015

Five (5) Years

NW 17-59-11-W4 - Anthony Tkachyk

At the August Public Works Meeting, Council was presented with a letter from JB Trucking, Sand Gravel and Equipment offering to sell the County gravel at  $13/yard.


The contract with Helen Chapdelaine/Westcove Kennels expired on August 31, 2015.  A copy of the contract is attached.


She is requesting an increase in the monthly retainer fee from $300 to $320.

Councillor Fodness has received a request from a a resident who lives on Highway 646 near Highway 29, to install a sign restricting the use of Jake Brakes.


Administration contacted Paula Campbell at Alberta Transportation about their policy regarding Engine Retarder Brakes.  Paula advised that we can request Alberta Transportation to review/install signs, however as they are a safety feature of the vehicles, AT will only install signing in places where there is a large number of residences by the highway and no obvious safety concerns - ex: large hill where drivers may need to use them.  Also, their signs do not prohibit the use of the breaks, they simply ask that truckers avoid the use of them, again for safety reasons.  Alberta Transportation's recommended practices for Engine Retarder Brake Signs states that the area affected by noise must meet all of the following criteria:

-  the area affected by noise has a substantial residential section;

-  a record has arisen of persistent complaints from different local residents (for extended period of time, at least one year)

-  considerable amount of truck traffic passes through the residential area

- area is located within a distance of 400 m from a provincial highway.

If Council feels this area meets the criteria, the next step is to submit a request to Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation and they will come out to look at the location and then decide whether or not to issue a Letter of Approval allowing for the installation of Engine Retarder Brakes signs within the highway right-of-way.