County of St. Paul No 19

Council Meeting


Meeting #:
5015- 49 Avenue, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4

Bylaw No. 2015-01 is being presented to Council for third reading to impose a Community Aggregate Payment Levy Bylaw.  Changes made to the Bylaw since the bylaw was originally presented in 2013 are in red.

As discussed at the planning sessions, if the Community Aggregate Payment Levy Bylaw is imposed, the money collected would not go into general revenues, it will be held in a reserve account to secure future gravel purchases.

Following recent comments by a lawyer at the Alberta Sand and Gravel Conference, Administration has sought clarification from Municipal Affairs regarding the ability of the County to only charge a levy for aggregate resources leaving the County. Municipal Affairs does not believe that the Regulation permits this, but acknowledged that legal interpretations may differ.

Attached is a draft letter to be sent to aggregate operators if the Bylaw passes receives third reading.

Shelly Boulianne & Les Miskolzie purchased Lot 12, Block 1, Plan 7820473 at Lottie Lake from the County in 2013 (formerly owned by the  Lottie Lake Association ).   The lot is zoned General Urban.  After they purchased the property, they did significant upgrades including cleaning the overgrowth, repairing the building on the property, installing underground power and improving the parking area and the access road.  They then parked their RV on the property.  They plan to build a summer home on the property in 2019.


In November, 2014 they received a letter from the County advising that RVs are not permitted on vacant properties in General Urban District.  They are requesting permission to leave their holiday on the property until the end of 2018.  At that time, they will remove the trailer or begin constructing a seasonal residence.

At the December Meeting, Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 2014-34, which is a bylaw to amend Bylaw No. 2013-50 as it relates to rezoning S 1/2 PSE 6-57-6-W4 from Agricultural to Industrial/Commercial.


RSVPs were sent out for a public consultation to be held on February 2, 2015.  There were 21 people in attendance at the public consultation.


Bylaw No. 2014-34 was advertised in the St. Paul Journal and Elk Point Review the weeks of January 27 and February 3, 2015 and the adjacent landowners were notified via letter post.


Krystle Fedoretz will attend this Public Hearing.

Mircea Panciuk, Executive Director of Northern Lights Library System, has appointment with Council to make a presentation on the 2013 Statement of Services with Northern Lights Library System.  The presentation includes library statistics i.e. amount of card holders vs population, collection statistics, interlibrary loans etc.  It will also include a Statement of Services which describes in detail where the per capita dollars are used.

The St. Paul & District Arts Foundation will be in to introduce their foundation to Council and to request funding for their new facility.

Plante Farms will be in to speak with Council about the St. Paul Area Structure Plan.  They are requesting clarification on the transparency of the process and how the grant will be dispersed over the affected acres involved.  They will also be asking about opportunities for more public input and more information on how detailed the area structure plan will be.

Aaron and Harvey Aarbo will be in to speak with Council about the following items:

1.  County competing with private sector business - discussion in the paper about the County purchasing a sewage truck.

2.  Privatizing weed inspection and spraying.

3.  Gravel pit reclamation and taxation.

4.  Honorarium and wages.

The following land leases are being presented for renewal for the year 2015:

SW 18-56-3-W4Lanni Bristow
NW 31-55-4-W4Larry Bazian
PSE 8-56-4-W4Canadian Sunday School Mission
SE 20-56-7-W4Banana Hill Farms
PNW 27-57-8-W4Jean Fontaine
NE 2-62-12-W4Allan & Shirley Tkachyk
NE 4-62-12-W4William & Edward Zapisocki

Section 61 of the M.G.A. allows a municipality to grant rights with respect to its property.

The Heinsburg Community Club maintains Railway 55, Plan 1700EO in PNW 22-55-4-W4 and has been doing upgrades to the Station House, Water Tower, Camp Kitchen, Gazebo and camping areas which are all situated on County land.  They do not have a current lease on the property and want to install power in the camping area, but the planning department cannot issue a permit unless they have a lease or agreement.

Reeve Upham has been invited to become a member of the Northern Alberta Mayors and Reeves Committee.  The committee meets 3-4 times a year in Edmonton and there is a $300 annual membership fee.  The next meeting will be held February 13, 2015.  We have received feedback from neighboring municipalities advising that the reeve should attend these meetings due to the ongoing pressure on rural representation at all levels of government.

The Economic Developers Association Conference will be held April 8-10, 2015 in Kananaskis.  Reeve Upham has expressed interest in attending as some of the sessions on the agenda are related to his HUB and Community Futures committees.  Registration for the conference is $535.


More information is available at:

The Mallaig & District Ag Society applied for a CFEP grant to help fund their playground.  They submitted the application the first week of February and they requested a letter of support to accompany their application, see attached.


The Ambulance Board requested that the County provide Alberta Health Services with a letter regarding their decision to review whether or not they will provide direct delivery service to the St. Paul area.  A copy of the letter is attached.

The St. Paul Senior Citizens Club is thanking Council for the travel grant they received in 2014 and requesting another grant for 2015.

The St. Paul Gymnastic Club will be hosting their annual fundraising event on April 18th and they are requesting donations to be used as silent/live auction or raffle items.  As their event has a "camping theme", they are requesting the donation of camping stalls at a County campground.

The Stry 75th Anniversary Hall is holding a community supper and silent auction on February 21st to raise funds to repair their roof.  They are looking for a donation for their silent auction.

The Portage College Second Annual Spring Gala will be held on May 8.  The gala will feature a cooking demonstration by celebrity chef Chuck Hughes, followed by the top two Culinary Arts students squaring off in "Chopped" style cooking challenge.  All proceeds raised at the Spring Gala will go to the St. Paul Food Sciences Centre for scholarships and program expansion.  Tickets for the Gala are $150.


They are requesting sponsorship or silent auction donations.  Information on the levels of sponsorship is attached.


Bylaw No. 2015-02 is being presented to Council to approve a Well Drilling Equipment Tax Bylaw which allows a Municipality to impose a tax in respect of equipment used to drill a well for which a license is required under the Oil and Gas Conservation Act.

A new Well Drilling and Equipment Tax Regulation became effective on January 1, 2015 and it includes a formula change.

Section 187 of the M.G.A. states that all Bylaws must have 3 distinct and separate readings.

Reeve Upham and Assistant CAO Tim Mahdiuk attended a meeting in the MD of Bonnyville to discuss Regional Funding Opportunities.  A Regional Opportunities Committee (ROC) of municipalities in the ID 349 Region, including the MD of Bonnyville, Town of Bonnyville and Village of Glendon has been established. The City of Cold Lake and Lac La Biche County were invited to be part of the committee, however they declined the offer.  The committee is also hoping to include representatives from the Province, both Political and Departmental Staff.


The committee discussed how each municipality is impacted by I.D. 349 especially in regard to infrastructure and revenues needed to address these issues.  The Municipalities feel the need to work together to arrive at a solution.  The current funding agreement between the Province of Alberta and the City of Cold Lake regarding distribution of revenues from I.D. 349 is scheduled to end December 31, 2016 and they feel that the future agreement is a way to address these issues.  The Regional Opportunities Committee would like input on how funding will be distributed when the agreement with ID 349 expires.  The general consensus of the committee is that a new agreement should not take funding away from the City of Cold Lake, however it should include a formula which will benefit all parties involved.


The County of St. Paul has been invited to become a member of the committee.  The Regional Opportunities Committee will meet on an as needed basis.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 9.

Since last May, administration has been working with Ian Fox to determine if there is a need for a Livestock Trailer equipped to be used to transport animals from accidents scenes and the training required for volunteers.  This has been part of the Strategic Plan since 2014.


Dennis Bergheim would like to set up a committee which would consist of two members of Council, the Ag Society, the Fire Departments and Ian Fox to discuss the feasibility of purchasing this livestock trailer.  The committee will also discuss what training is required for the volunteers and what is needed to make it viable.  There has been some discussion at the Ag Society as to whether or not they will be part of it.  Dennis would like to do this before it proceeds to the budget stage.

A Mutual Fire Protection Agreement with the County of Vermilion River is attached.  The agreement has been reviewed by Fire Guardian Dennis Bergheim. 

The County's previous agreement with Vermilion River expired on December 31, 2014.

The Ashmont Fire Department is requesting Council's permission to donate some of their old SCBAs, helmets and bunker gear to Firefighters Without Borders.  The Ashmont Fire Department received most of this equipment from Lakeland College Fire School years ago.  The equipment to be donated has been out of service for a number of years and is no longer of use to the fire department, as it has all been replaced.  Firefighters Without Borders will send the equipment on to fire departments in need of firefighting equipment and they cover the cost of shipping.


We inquired about the liability of donating used equipment and were advised from the FWB as follows:

There won’t be liability as it is being donated to Countries like Peru, our outdated equipment is like gold to them.


If the gear is in very bad shape, i.e. not even usable I would suggest not donating it. I would also recommend we would sign a waiver that contained information like, “equipment is donated as it where is etc." a normal release of responsibility waiver regarding the donation.

At the January Public Works Meeting, Council discussed replacing the 15 foot mower and whether or not to sell/trade the old mower or keep it for a spare.


Administration contacted John Deere and they have now provided an updated quote of $30,729.97 for a Degelman 15' Rotary Cutter Rev Series 1500.  They are offering $5,000 for the old mower on trade.


Dennis Bergheim doesn't think there is a need to keep the old mower as a spare.  When a mower beaks down in the field it would be too time consuming to change over to the spare mower.  For the most part, when a mower breaks down it can be fixed within a few hours.  He also thinks we will get more for the old mower if we sell it privately.


The Friends of Lac Bellevue Enhancement Society is interested in hosting their first annual Bellevue Blast on July 18, 2015.  It will be an obstacle race that is over a course of 6 km, with a shorter course for younger participants.


The tentative plans is for the race to start at the public boat launch, continuing along the quad/snowmobile trail and ending at the Legion lake front on the beach.  Parking for the event will be at the old gravel pit area on NE 32-55-9-W4.  They are requesting permission from the County to access the open area through a gate by the County dumpsters.


Easements for road construction purposes.  Backsloping and County to fence or pay compensation for fencing.

All are standards easements.

West of 1-58-8-W4 , Project 3C152, 1.5 Miles
PNE 35-57-8-W4Doninique & Monique Pelchat
PNE 35-57-8-W4Jean Pelchat
PSW 36-57-8-W4Matthew & Sabrina Robinson
PSW 36-57-8-W4Eldon & Bonnie Kryzanowski
PNW 36-57-8-W4Pat & Denise Robinson
PSW 1-58-8-W4Gisele Robinson
PSW 1-58-8-W4Pat & Denise Robinson
PNW 1-58-8-W41370088 AB Ltd.; 1370146 AB Ltd.
S 1/2 NE 2-58-8-W4Richard & Nicole Brousseau
N 1/2 NE 2-58-8-W4Chard & Stephanie Stark
PSE 2-58-8-W4Yvonne Pelchat
PSE 2-58-8-W4Gerard & Simonne Mahe
West of 34-56-7-W4, Project 2C151, 1.5 Miles
SE 33-56-7-W4Emjay Enterprises Inc.
NE 33-56-7-w4Ed Croteau
SW 34-56-7-W4Darcy & Sheana Pankiw
NW 34-56-7-W4Darcy & Sheana Pankiw
PSW 3-57-7-W4Darcy & Sheana Pankiw
PSW 3-57-7-W4Kenneth & Blandine Adkins
PSE 4-57-7-W4Rocky Pankiw

Further to the discussions at the January Public Works Meeting, we require a motion from Council to purchase 2 sea cans to store the NESS (National Emergency Stockpile Surplus) Equipment, which is currently being stored in the post office.  The equipment is owned by the Federal Government but they can no longer store it there so they are looking for a new place to store it.  The sea cans will be stored at the Public Works yard and will be available for the region.

Policy PW-63 is being presented to Council to amend dust control procedures within the County of St. Paul No. 19. This Policy was brought before the Public Works Committee on January 27, 2015.

At the January Public Works Meeting, Council was informed that Jules Berlinguette has 15,000 cubic yards of gravel on the NE 31-58-9-W4 that he is offering to sell to the County for $16/cubic yard.


AMEC has provided a cost estimate for additional instrumentation reading(s), and a test pit investigation along the lower part of the Moosehills Road embankment to confirm soil conditions and possible movement zones.  An addition $20,000 (already spent approximately $30,000) is required to give the County a proper estimate for regrading and repaving the Moosehills slide.


Reeve Upham received a letter from Beverly and Warren Smith who live at Laurier Lake at Ernie's Beach on First Street recognizing Steven Jeffrey for his excellent service.  In December Steven Jeffrey and his crew sanded and cleared their driveway so the pump-out truck could get in and out of their yard.  In January after the rains, after a phone call from the Smiths, they brought out another crew to work on their roads.

Items to be presented at the Council Meeting.

Items to be presented at the Council Meeting.